Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 308

Chapter 308 I'm Brother In Law Not Uncle

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His back was tall and straight, and his footsteps decisive without any longing or hesitation.

Xuxu was sitting on the couch at the reception area in the main hall, chatting with a mixed blood little boy of about five years old.

They were chatting in English and Yan Rusheng could hear her laughter from afar. He couldn’t make out their conversation so he hastened his footsteps to check out the identity of this person she was chatting with.

The moment he saw that the person was of the opposite gender, his face fell immediately.

Xuxu’s back was facing him and didn’t know that he was walking towards her. When the little boy saw Yan Rusheng, he pointed at him and told Xuxu. “Sister, your boyfriend is here.”

Xuxu lifted her brow and was amused. “Huh? You know my boyfriend?”

She had assumed this playful boy was joking and didn’t take his word seriously.

Because she didn’t have a boyfriend.

The little boy told Xuxu when Yan Rusheng stood behind her. “This uncle is wearing the same clothes as you. My mommy said that only couples wear couple outfits.”

“Oh!” Xuxu was stumped for a second before she spun her head around. Yan Rusheng was leaning lazily against the couch and he had a hand stuffed in his pocket and the other was holding her jacket. He looked imposing indeed.

He lowered his head and peered at her with knitted eyebrows, apparently annoyed. “I thought you went to the ladies?”

Xuxu shrugged and pouted. “The bathroom wasn’t working upstairs so I came downstairs instead.”

“Sister, your boyfriend is really handsome but I am much more handsome. The little boy praised Young Master Yan and himself at the same time.

Xuxu laughed at his remarks. “You mischievous boy. He might seek revenge as he is really petty.”

She had mocked and teased him in front of an outsider and Young Master Yan’s expression turned even gloomier.

The little boy asked naively, “Shouldn’t a man be broad-minded?”

“Haha” Xuxu burst out in laughter when she heard the boy’s innocent words. “You are right, but there is always an exception.”

The little boy nodded but he didn’t understand Xuxu fully. He turned to look at Yan Rusheng with a look of contempt. “Uncle, a man needs to be broad-minded.”

Yan Rusheng frowned with displeasure. “Wretched boy, are you tired of living?”

The little boy widened his huge, sparkling eyes in disbelief. “Uncle, how can you terrorize a kid? You are indeed very petty.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless

Why are the kids so annoying these days?

If he carried on squabbling with this boy, he might uphold his ‘petty’ reputation and throw him out of the building.

With this thought, he stretched out his hand to grab Xuxu’s wrist. “Wen Xuxu, it’s time to return home and sleep.”

Xuxu had been sitting here waiting for him to return together so she stood up cooperatively.

Then she waved at the boy. “Tim, I’m leaving. Bye bye!”

“Bye bye, Sister!” Tim smiled politely at him before turning to Yan Rusheng. “Uncle, Mommy said a man has to treat a woman gently.”

Young Master Yan glared at him sinisterly and corrected him, “You should address me as Brother-in-law, not Uncle.”

Xuxu was speechless and rolled her eyes at him.

This fellow was simply too petty and calculating. Why did he have to correct how the boy had addressed him?

Did he think that being addressed as an uncle sounded too old?