Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Theres No Need To Be So Excited


After they left the clubhouse, Xuxu asked, "Yan Rusheng, why didn't you ask him to call you Brother instead of Brother-in-Law?"

"Are you seriously dumb or just pretending to be?" Yan Rusheng frowned as he gazed at the tiny woman beside him. "If he addressed you as Sister, shouldn't I be Brother-in-Law?"

Momentarily stunned by his answer, Xuxu lowered her head. She replied softly with an "Oh."

So this was why her heart was starting to soften against her will.

She didn't want to guess the motive behind his strange behavior these past few days; why was he repeatedly trying to tear down her defenses against him?

Her heart had undergone all kinds of heartbreak and suffering. She felt that she was almost indestructible now. And even though she'd been badly hurt by him before, didn't she manage to recover?

So what do I have to fear? Why should I guard against him?

She managed to enlighten herself once more that night, and her spirits were lifted.

"I'm hungry."

She rubbed her belly, peering at Yan Rusheng with her sparkling eyes.

Yan Rusheng thought that the stars in the sky couldn't compare to her brilliantly twinkling eyes. And his mood lifted when he heard her talking so sweetly to him.

He reached out and grabbed her waist, pulling her towards him.

Then he lowered his head to give her a light kiss on her forehead. He chided her affectionately, "Serves you right for skipping dinner to chat with a boy."

Xuxu was astonished by his sudden actions. Incredibly, he was behaving so intimately with her in a public place.

In the past, he used to say that those who publicly display their affections by hugging or kissing their lovers were childish pieces of scum who were a disgrace to society. Their actions also brought shame to themselves.

So could she now label him as a childish piece of scum who brought disgrace to society as well?

"Childish scum who disgraces society." Just as Xuxu thought the words, she ended up blurting out. Then she continued indignantly, "I was being generous enough to give you some private time with your beloved."

Yan Rusheng glared at her coldly. "You're not me, so how do you know who my true love is?"

Then he mulled over her previous sentence. "Childish scum who disgraces society?"

Why did this sentence sound so familiar?

Xuxu instantly changed the topic to prevent him from remembering it. "Sigh, I'm so famished right now. How I wish I could eat the fried vermicelli at that stall next to Yizhong! I wonder if it's still open?"

Her words had successfully distracted Young Master Yan's attention, and he let go of her waist. He grabbed her hand instead. "Let's find out."

Xuxu really admired her ability to find ways out of impossible situations. Even if there was a possibility of a greater danger lurking behind that door, at least it meant a brand new beginning, and it was better than being confined to the same spot.

A tall figure watched Xuxu and Yan Rusheng as they left through the doors. Her forlorn-looking eyes were filled with sorrow.

Fang Jiayin, you knew this would happen, right?

The car entered a back alley at Yizhong. A few stalls were still open, but there was a stall that was preparing to end its business for the day. A lady in her mid-fifties wearing a dark red shirt and an apron was shifting a carton of milk.

Xuxu recognized the old lady and nudged Yan Rusheng excitedly. She pointed at her. "Look! Isn't that our old English teacher's wife?"

This entire stretch of shops was operated by the families of the Yizhong's teachers.

Yan Rusheng glanced at the lady and said lightly, "Yeah, I see her. There's no need to be so excited."