Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Don't Let Emotions Rule Your Head

In reality, she couldn't differentiate what was genuine or fake anymore.

Lately, they had been spending time together like a couple passionately in love, and she could no longer decipher his thoughts and motives.

Perhaps his acting skills were improving.

Hearing Xuxu's query, Young Master Yan gritted his teeth even harder and glowered at her. "You're a stupid woman who doesn't know what's good for you."

He wouldn't be bothered about her if he didn't care for her in the first place. He wouldn't have spent his time on childish activities or put in an effort to romance her.

Silly woman!

"Hmph!" He was using the same words to insult her again.

It was either 'stupid woman' or 'silly woman'. Couldn't he call me something else?

But each time he chided her as a stupid woman, she found it very endearing.

She broke into a smile. "Are you being foolish? Even if you did make me go to him, I wouldn't allow you to do that. I'm not your commodity, so you can't just throw me away to any random person you choose."

"Hmph!" Yan Rusheng snorted with contempt. "He won't even get the slightest chance."

Otherwise, even if it were a contract to save the world, he would still go ahead and destroy it.

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

This guy! He's as stubborn as a mule.

"Alright, I'll give a call to Country Y tomorrow and see if we can mitigate this matter. Since there are mutual gains to this cooperation, I believe they will also reconsider." Having said that, she walked over and took his empty cup. "Do you want to drink water or something else?"

Yan Rusheng held on to her wrist and glared at her sternly. "Wen Xuxu, let me warn you. If you dare to get in touch with that caucasian in private, I'll skin you alive."

Wen Xuxu knitted her eyebrows, "Can you not let your emotions rule your head?"

"You slept too early last night." All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng brought up a new topic. He grasped her hand forcefully, and she fell onto his lap.

His breath drew closer, and his soft lips and nose brushed against her cheek as if he was taking in the scent of his prey. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Xuxu's face felt tickled. She pulled back and resisted.

"Yan Rusheng, it's working hours right now, and we're still in the office. Please behave yourself."

Her voice sounded so soft as if she was protesting playfully.

"Then let's go into the room." Yan Rusheng's deep voice seemed to have bewitched her senses.

She didn't even have the strength to admonish him.

Yan Rusheng wrapped Xuxu's legs around his waist and strode towards the room.

Oh my goodness. He means it!

Xuxu widened her eyes in horror. She pounded on his back with all her might. "Hey Yan Rusheng, don't fool around! We have so much work waiting for us to finish."

Yan Rusheng lowered her head and looked at her firmly. "I don't think there's anything else more important than making a baby."

Having said that, he flung Xuxu onto the huge bed.

Then he pressed his body against hers.

Xuxu let out a shout, "Yan Rusheng! Can't you be more reasonable and not do this in broad daylight?!"

Yan Rusheng smiled devilishly. "I wanted to experience doing it in the day."

Xuxu shot him a look of disdain. No one would believe that he'd never done this during the day before.

"Yan Rusheng, stop fooling around. The curtains aren't even closed." She looked out the window and caught sight of some birds flying in the clear and boundless sky.