Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 315

Chapter 315: What A Pity

"Wen Xuxu, you don't have to be shy," Yan Rusheng remarked. "If you want me to draw the curtains, you could've just told me."

Xuxu couldn't bear it any longer, "Get lost!"

Yan Rusheng only laughed warmly. "Be patient."

He got up and walked towards the window.

Xuxu was speechless. Why was this guy always feigning ignorance and twisting her words?

Initially, she hated doing such a thing in the office under broad daylight. But taking into consideration the contract with Country Y, she resigned herself and went all out.

She hoped that she could coax this Young Master and keep him in high spirits so that he'd listen to her.

The consequence of doing such a thing during the day was to work overtime.

Everyone in the office had already left, and Yan Rusheng instructed Xuxu to bring her work to his office.

As usual, one sat at the work desk while the other sat on the sofa. Both of them buried their heads in their work without disrupting each other.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng's cell phone rang.

He shifted his gaze from the documents to his cell phone. Lu Yinan was on the other line.

For him to be calling him at this hour; this quack must want to have fun.

He put down his pen and reached for his cell phone. Massaging his temples, he waited for Lu Yinan to speak.

"Third Yan, let's meet tonight at The First Wealth. See you there!"

Just as he predicted.

He rejected him without a second thought. "I'm not going."

After his relationship with Xuxu had improved, he'd been going home right after work, snuggling up with her at their house. He even enjoyed watching boring and childish soap operas with her.

"Don't be such a bore," Lu Yinan said, "Today's Ansheng's birthday, and he felt too awkward to call you personally."

Ming Ansheng's birthday? Yan Rusheng thought about it for a moment. "You go ahead first."

The crime committed by Wen Xinyi had nothing to do with Ming Ansheng.

He had a great deal of trust in their friendship of twenty years.

But Ming Ansheng had been blaming himself and didn't have the courage to face him. Furthermore, Yan Rusheng was someone who wouldn't take the initiative to keep in touch with his friends.

So if he didn't show up tonight, Ming Ansheng would get over-sensitive again.

He gazed at Xuxu after he hung up.

She was sitting cross-legged on a floor mat in front of the coffee table. Holding a pen in her hand, she appeared to be seriously engrossed in something.

"My wife, let's go."

This title came naturally to him now, and he would even address her like this during business engagements.

"Wait a minute. I still have something to finish," Xuxu replied without raising her head.

"Ming Ansheng is celebrating his birthday today." Yan Rusheng waited for Xuxu to respond after he said this.

He assumed that women tended to be more narrow-minded and she would fear that he might take it out on Ming Ansheng because of Wen Xinyi.

Hearing this, Xuxu stopped her writing and replied coldly, "I'm not going."

Just as he'd predicted!

He didn't want to force her since she wasn't eager to go.

After mulling it over, Yan Rusheng said, "Then I won't go too."

"You can go ahead." Xuxu raised her head and looked at him. "Ming Ansheng is a nice guy. It will be a pity if your friendship of twenty years is ruined because of this."

Even though she knew clearly in her heart that this matter had nothing to do with Ming Ansheng, she didn't want to go because the sight of him would remind her of Wen Xinyi.

Furthermore, she was also exhausted and wasn't in the mood for such an occasion.

Yan Rusheng felt comforted. She understood him the most and knew his deepest thoughts.

"Then let me send you home first." He stood up and walked over to Xuxu.

Xuxu shook her head, "I haven't finished my work yet. You leave first, and I'll make my way home later."