Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 316

Chapter 316: You'll Have Your Chance To Drink Later

"Go home. You can finish it tomorrow." Yan Rusheng walked over and wanted to pull her up from her chair.

Xuxu pushed him away and said, "These have to be handed in tomorrow, so I have to finish it by tonight. Just go on ahead."

Unless there was an emergency, she didn't have the habit of leaving her unfinished work until the next day. Tomorrows were infinite, and it would just be a vicious cycle.

Yan Rusheng knew he couldn't persuade her to leave once she set her mind on finishing her work tonight.

But he was worried about her going home alone so late at night. "How about this? You wait for me here, and I'll come back and pick you up later."

Xuxu considered his suggestion and agreed. "Alright then."

Anyway, she had a feeling that she would be staying until after midnight which was when their gatherings usually ended as well.

"Alright, I'm leaving now." Yan Rusheng straightened his back and gave her another reminder. "Don't go home alone; it's not safe to flag a cab here at night. Wait for me."

Xuxu frowned as she waved her hands, pretending to be impatient. "I got it, don't be so naggy."

After Yan Rusheng left, she was the only one left in the vast, spacious office.

She glanced wistfully at Yan Rusheng's desk and stared at his swivel chair. She couldn't help wearing a gentle and fond smile as she gazed at it.

If she didn't have to think about tomorrow at all, everything would be perfect.

They often had gatherings at The First Wealth. It was common to bump into celebrities there, and everything from the decor to the furnishings was aligned with the word 'first'.

Everyone was present, and as usual, Yan Rusheng arrived late.

Some of the playful and noisy friends began clamoring for his punishment and began stuffing drinks into his hands.

They dragged him forward and made him sit beside Ming Ansheng.

After he sat down, he glanced at the birthday boy. As usual, they could interact with just an expression.

And as expected, both of them nodded at each other simultaneously.

With the drinks in Yan Rusheng's hands, a voice said, "Third Yan, take the initiative and drink these three glasses."

His friends circled around him and goaded him persistently. Yan Rusheng bent to look at the glasses and gave a slight smile before saying calmly, "My chauffeur isn't here today. I can't drink too much."

He put the glass to his lips and took a tiny sip.

Obviously, his friends wouldn't let him off the hook so easily.

"Bah! You won't drink because your chauffeur isn't here? This is so unlike you, Third Yan."

"That's right! Are you afraid that you can't go home tonight?"

"Yeah, just drink up. If you refuse, you're breaking our rules, and we won't accept that!"

"Three glasses." Ming Ansheng suddenly spoke up, "I'll drink two on his behalf."

He raised the glasses and gulped them down instantly.

"Ming Ansheng, did you want to drink that bad?"

"Sure, but don't be so impatient. Tonight's your birthday so you'll have your chance to drink later."

Everyone began closing in on Ming Ansheng.

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows. "Alright, it's just a few glasses. I'll drink."

He gulped down the entire glass as well.

They always drank hard liquor at their gatherings.

If they gulped three glasses of these drinks one after another, their first reaction would be a burning sensation in their throats.

He placed the wine glass back on the table and looked at his friends. "How was it? Satisfied?"

Then he speared a piece of fruit with a fork and began chewing it slowly.

At this time, the door opened, and a person walked in.

"Ah Heng is here."