Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Third Yan's Old Flame

Yan Rusheng turned his head towards the door, and his expression darkened.

Jiang Zhuoheng wore an ash-gray shirt with a tie. His smile had a hint of exhaustion, and it looked like he'd had a long day at work.

A few people swarmed around him the minute he stepped in, similar to how they had flocked around Yan Rusheng earlier on.

"You're even later than Third Yan! We just punished him with three glasses, so you know what to do!"

In this group of friends, not everyone was as busy as Yan Rusheng and Jiang Zhuoheng. Most of them were wealthy bums leading lavish and carefree lifestyles.

Some of them were the second generations of wealthy families whose ancestors had battled in wars and fought valiantly.

Jiang Zhuoheng looked at the guys surrounding him, and he smiled in resignation. "I can't decide, so you guys do it for me."

"For the sake of fairness, double it," someone quipped.

A few others yelled in agreement, "Yes, make it double!"

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled helplessly at the thought of six glasses. "There's no way I can escape, right?"

The group of friends smiled wickedly and then patted his shoulders. "Ah Heng is the most understanding."

"Alright." Jiang Zhuoheng nodded and sat down.

Mimicking their earlier treatment of Yan Rusheng, they began pouring drinks and prepared the six glasses for him just like servants serving their master.

He gulped the six glasses down one after another and didn't stop at all.

He gulped down the last glass, and the room erupted with raucous applause and cheers.

This guy is just showing off!

Everyone else was raising a ruckus while Young Master Yan sat quietly at a corner. He glanced contemptuously at Jiang Zhuoheng who had just drunk six glasses.

He's only showing off. If we were really competing, my drinking capacity would far surpass Jiang Zhuoheng's.

I'm better than Jiang Zhuoheng at everything, so I just don't understand why that stupid woman fell in love with that guy and not me? She remained faithful and devoted to that wretched feminine guy all these years.

And she even gave up the opportunity to study abroad for him and pined for his return for the three whole years.

He snorted with disdain at the thought of it, then raised the wine bottle and poured himself a drink. He gulped it down in one go.

Rather than bitter, the alcohol tasted sour in his mouth as it flowed down his throat.

Ming Ansheng who was sitting next to him seemed to read his mind, and he inched closer. Amused, he remarked, "Eh, so is Xuxu not here tonight because you were afraid that the cowherd would meet the weaving maid? [2. The cowherd and the weaving maid are a pair of lovers being separated by the milky way who can only meet once a year]"

Cowherd and the weaving maid?

Yan Rusheng's face darkened instantly, and he glanced menacingly at Ming Ansheng. "Ming Ansheng, are you seeking death?"

How dare he say my wife and that feminine fellow are separated lovers?!

Even if that stupid woman is the weaving maid, I should be the cowherd instead! Never in a lifetime would that feminine fellow be the cowherd!

But Ming Ansheng's guess was right; tonight he didn't want Xuxu to come because he knew that Jiang Zhuoheng would definitely be here, He didn't want them to meet.

So when he asked her earlier, he was actually afraid that she might agree.

"Hey, hey! Guess who I bumped into outside."

Lu Yinan went out to make a phone call, and when he returned, he seemed eager to make everyone notice his presence once more. He raised his voice excitedly to attract everyone's attention.

Someone interjected, "Who? Your old flame?"

"It's an old flame indeed." Lu Yinan smiled maliciously and without his usual gracefulness.

He paused, and then looked at Yan Rusheng as he continued. "But it's not mine. It's Third Yan's old flame."

A fool would know who this person was.