Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 321

Chapter 321 If I Knew This Would Happen I Wouldve Gone With Him

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Regardless of whether they were in love; if the husband was entangled with another woman and that other woman was an old flame which he had loved deeply, it would be a great offense.

Fang Jiayin let go of Yan Rusheng and told Ming Ansheng, “Be careful, he’s completely drunk.”

Her tone was overwhelmed with concern and love.

Ming Ansheng gave a brief smile in response. Just like the rest of the friends, he was hostile towards Fang Jiayin because of what she did to Yan Rusheng.

So he didn’t intend to talk to her.

He supported Yan Rusheng as they walked towards the roadside.

Fang Jiayin watched as Yan Rusheng left, and her sparkling black eyes began glistening with tears once more.

‘This nickname is exclusive to her, you’re not allowed to call me that.’

‘Ah Sheng, can I call you Ah Sheng like how Xuxu does?’


Till this day, she could still vividly remember the gentle smile he wore when he agreed to let her call him in the same way as Wen Xuxu.

He had gazed at her with overflowing affection and love.

She was well aware that he didn’t belong to her, but she still harbored hope.

Fang Jiayin sighed helplessly as she stared at the night sky.

Ah Sheng, I still can’t let you go.

Wen Xuxu was just finishing up her work when her phone rang. Ming Ansheng was on the other line.

Ming Ansheng informed her that Yan Rusheng had drunk too much, and he had sent him home in a taxi. He had already informed the taxi driver about his home address and wanted Xuxu to inform the butler to wait at the entrance.

Feeling exasperated, Xuxu replied, “I got it.”

That guy! He insisted that she wait in the office for him, but in the end, he got drunk. If Ming Ansheng hadn’t called, she would have waited for nothing.

She hurriedly called back home and informed the butler to wait for Yan Rusheng at the entrance.

It’s late at night, and he’s dead drunk in a taxi. Isn’t he afraid of being kidnapped since he’s such a well-known billionaire?

Now I’m all worried because of him!

Xuxu hurriedly packed her belongings and went downstairs. She met two of the security guards who were on the night shift.

The guards saw that she was about to leave and walked towards her. “Secretary Wen, the President informed us that he would be picking you up. So please wait for him.”

Initially, everyone had addressed her as Lady Boss. But it sounded too awkward, so she requested that they continue to address her as Secretary Wen or Sister Xuxu.

Xuxu smiled. “He drank too much and went home first. Don’t worry, I can go home by myself. Thank you for working so hard.”

“Then let me wait with you at the roadside.” The security guard refused to budge and followed her closely from behind.

Xuxu waved her hands and said, “No, it’s alright. I’ll be fine.”

She saw the guard’s uneasy expression and silently chided Yan Rusheng in her heart.That guy really knows how to make a fuss.

Am I seriously that delicate?

Due to Yan Rusheng’s special instructions, the guard insisted on walking with her and left only after she got on the taxi.

Xuxu dialed Yan Rusheng’s number, but no one answered.

She heard the busy tone and furrowed her brows anxiously.

From what Ming Ansheng said, it seemed that he was completely drunk tonight. She was worrying whether the taxi driver had managed to send him back home safely.

She couldn’t get through to his phone and started to get anxious. Then she called the house once more, but the butler said that Yan Rusheng still wasn’t home yet.

She held her phone and alternately dialed between Yan Rusheng’s number and their house.

And soon, her phone battery was dying.

She paused and gazed outside once more. She sighed in frustration. “Sigh, if I knew that this would happen, I would’ve gone with him.”

As she grumbled under her breath, her phone rang.