Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Crucial Piece Of Information

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Xuxu wrapped Yan Rusheng’s shirt around her and walked to the bathroom. Although there wasn’t anybody else in the room, she didn’t mind walking around naked.

She picked up Yan Rusheng’s pants which were lying on the floor.

She began checking through his pockets as she walked toward the laundry basket.

What’s this?

She felt something in his pockets and frowned. She stretched her hand into the pocket and pulled it out.

As she realized what it was, the expression in her eyes flickered.

‘On October 11, there will be a charity musical performance at Capital City Musical Theater hosted by musician Fang Jiayin, who has just returned from abroad’

‘What’s so good about a musical? If you like it, I can play the piano at home for you.’

She loosened her grip and Yan Rusheng’s pants fell to the floor.

How ironic she was fooled twice by him in the same exact way

Behind his gentleness lies a lethal weapon!

Yan Rusheng slept until it was nearly noon, and he woke up with a throbbing headache. It took him a while before he managed to sit up.

The bed was empty, but apparently, someone had slept next to him last night.

He smiled and got off the bed. After a quick shower, he put on his bathrobe before drawing back the curtains.

He stood at the balcony and gazed outside as he dried his hair. Without realizing, the leaves on the trees had started to wither.

Was it because there was a loved one beside him, so he was too preoccupied with her to notice the transition of seasons?

He smiled at the obvious answer.

After drying his hair, he turned around to go back into the room. He accidentally caught sight of the drawer next to his bed.

What’s that?

There were two pieces of paper on the drawer; he paused before he strode towards it.

The smile on his face froze when he saw the tickets.

Why are there tickets to Fang Jiayin’s concert?

Did that dumb woman really ask Fang Jiayin for the tickets?

No, it couldn’t be she’s not interested in music.

Then did Fang Jiayin contact her and give them to her?

At the thought of that possibility, his face fell.

But if Fang Jiayin had given the tickets to Xuxu, why did she place them here? What was that supposed to mean?

He was certain that Xuxu had deliberately placed the tickets on the drawer, but he couldn’t understand why.

He didn’t want to waste time thinking about it and proceeded to change his clothes. He went downstairs where Aunt Zhang informed him that Xuxu had left.

Aunt Zhang also revealed something else; yesterday Xuxu went back to her own room to sleep.

This is a crucial piece of information!

Yan Rusheng called Xuxu as he drove.

It was still peak hour, and the roads were slightly congested. After putting on his Bluetooth speakers, it took a while before Xuxu answered, “Hello.”

“Wen Xuxu, did Fang Jiayin look for you? Yan Rusheng asked her without beating around the bush, his tone probing.

Wen Xuxu replied curtly, “No.”

She sounded distant, so similar to how she used to speak to him a long time ago.

She didn’t?Yan Rusheng frowned in confusion. “Then how did you get the tickets?”

“It fell out from your pockets,” Xuxu replied coldly, but now with a slight trace of doubt.

Yan Rusheng didn’t catch that as he was baffled by her answer.

It fell out from my pockets?Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows tightly, still no closer to understanding any of this.