Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Let Me Remind You

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Hastening his steps, he walked towards her. “I”

He attempted to explain himself but couldn’t find the words. He knew Xuxu wouldn’t lie when she said that the two tickets fell out from his pockets.

The only logical explanation he could think of was that Fang Jiayin might have slipped the tickets into his pocket during his inebriated state last night.

But that explanation would only bring up more questions.

Meeting his ex when he was dead drunk…

Xuxu intended to ignore him, but he kept hovering around her. With his tall physique, his presence was too hard to ignore, and she couldn’t work in peace.

Thus, she put down her pen and looked at him, pretending to be baffled. “President Yan, what do you want?”

At that instant, she realized that he’d buttoned up his shirt wrong. But since his shirt was tucked in, it wasn’t immediately obvious.

Yan Rusheng had done up his buttons wrong. This was the first time she saw him be so sloppy in his dressing.

He’s probably suffering from a hangover and can’t think straight.

She pursed her lips tightly and tried to hold in her laughter.

She somehow took delight in his misfortune. It was fitting payback for having a good time with his ex.

Yan Rusheng had his mind set on proving his innocence to Xuxu and didn’t give a damn about his appearance.

“I understand that you went back to your bedroom last night?” he asked while scrutinizing Xuxu at the same time.

He wondered if she went back to her room because she was upset over the two tickets.

Otherwise, what else could the reason be?

They were still fine before he left the office yesterday.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and retorted coldly, “The whole room reeked of alcohol. If I didn’t leave, I’d probably drown in the fumes.”

“Oh.” There was a tinge of disappointment in Yan Rusheng’s reply. “I had a drink too many last night, so I have no idea how the two tickets got into my pocket.”

He explained calmly as he walked back to his office.

So, it was just my wishful thinking. She’s not at all upset or jealous.

If she were bothered by it, she would’ve torn up the tickets and flushed them down the toilet.

Ahem, Young Master, not everyone is like you.

He heard Xuxu say from behind him, “Fang Jiayin called earlier. She wanted to remind you to go to her musical performance.”

Yan Rusheng stopped in his steps upon hearing this. He tightened his fists and knitted his eyebrows somberly.

What exactly is Fang Jiayin trying to do?

When he was back in his office, he dialed Ming Ansheng’s number, and someone answered.

“Hello, Third Yan.”

Ming Ansheng answered drowsily. He was obviously still in bed.

“Did I bump into Fang Jiayin last night?” Yan Rusheng asked point-blank.

“No” Ming Ansheng answered right away and then corrected himself. “I think yes. When I sent you out last night, you met her at the entrance. I went to flag a cab for you, and when I came back, I saw her supporting you. What’s the matter?”