Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 327

Chapter 327 New Problems Complicating An Issue

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True enough I met her while I was drunk andYan Rusheng didn’t answer Ming Ansheng’s query and rudely hung up the call.

He swung his chair around to face the windows. With one arm on the armrest, he propped up his forehead with two fingers and looked ahead at the clear and boundless skies, frowning while deep in thoughts.

Ah Sheng, it hurts

Suddenly, that pitiful voice sounded in his ears and gripped his heart. Images of someone lying beside him that fateful morning flashed across his mind the woman covered with hickeys on her body.

His malicious eyes turned increasingly serene and distant.

Fang Jiayin, three years ago, you left willfully without a word.

But now, you returned so conspicuously. Just what are you up to?

He didn’t believe that Fang Jiayin gave him those two tickets without any motives. Perhaps he was skeptical because he really treasured his current relationship with Wen Xuxu. The more he cared, the more he feared any new problems arising that could ruin their relationship.

Fang Jiayin, we haven’t met for more than three years. Is it time for us to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk?

The elegant teahouse was situated at a historic old alley in the city center. A lady dressed in a light orange blouse and harem pants sat at a window seat on the second floor. Her long and silky raven black hair fell neatly past her shoulders.

Her fair hands were cupping a blue and white porcelain teacup, and the hint of a peaceful smile could be seen from her flawlessly beautiful face.

A pair of vivid-looking eyes stared out of the window.

Knock knock knock.

Several knocks on the door interrupted her train of thoughts. She turned around and noticed that the door was already opened.

She smiled at the person. “Lu Yinan.”

Among their group of friends, the word ‘refined’ had always been used to describe Lu Yinan, not because his style of clothing resembled that of a scholar, but because he owned a teahouse and was fond of performing tea ceremonies.

This teahouse was owned by him, and it was located in one of his family’s most expensive courtyard houses in the capital city.

“You’re here,” Lu Yinan greeted Fang Jiayin with a smile. “Jiayin, Third Yan hasn’t arrived?”

He received a call from Yan Rusheng while he was at the hospital, requesting for his help to invite Fang Jiayin out.

He acted swiftly on his request and didn’t dare to dawdle.

Although he managed to ask her out, he was still worried and came over to take a look.

He closed the door gingerly and walked towards Fang Jiayin.

“Perhaps he’s busy,” Fang Jiayin replied quietly.

She brought the cup to her mouth and sipped her tea slowly.

Lu Yinan took a seat opposite her and deliberated for a moment before saying, “He and Wen Xuxu are getting along very well.”

Fang Jiayin lifted her head and smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s not what you think.”

“Sigh. ” She abruptly heaved a sigh, and her tone became somber. “I can tell that they’re getting along very well with each other. Xuxu is the most compatible with him.”

She looked out the window again. There was a gleam of melancholy in her eyes.

Lu Yinan fixated his eyes on her and hesitated for a while before asking, “Pardon me for asking. But why did you leave without saying goodbye back then? Don’t you know how depressed Third Yan was back then?”

Fang Jiayin retracted her gaze from the window and looked at Lu Yinan, whose good-looking face was filled with doubts. She smiled at him and asked, “Young Master Lu, if your girlfriend always brought her childhood friend along on your dates what would you do?”