Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 328

Chapter 328 The Onlooker Sees More Of The Game

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She had already made it very obvious.

Without a second thought, Lu Yinan understood her meaning. “You’re referring to Xuxu?”

Besides Wen Xuxu, who else could be called Yan Rusheng’s childhood friend?

Was Fang Jiayin jealous of Xuxu? Is that why she left without a word?

“His heart wasn’t with me.” Fang Jiayin lowered her head with a bitter smile. “Even though I’m surrounded by male friends every day, he didn’t seem to care and never asked me about it. Yet he always poked his nose into Xuxu’s affairs and quietly chased away all the guys at school who hung out with her.”

As she talked about her relationship with Yan Rusheng, she finally broke her silence about the things that she had kept in her heart.

“Every time we went out for dinner, he wouldn’t hesitate to drive for an hour to the restaurant near Xuxu’s school, because Xuxu didn’t like to travel too far for her meals.

“When we were together, the words that he mentioned the most were ‘Wen Xuxu, that stupid woman’.

“It’s no joke, really. The onlooker sees more of the game.”

She shook her head and broke into a bitter smile. Tears could be seen welling up in her eyes.

Lu Yinan was stumped, and he stared blankly at Fang Jiayin. “So you mean”

Fang Jiayin didn’t continue further. To this day, everyone thought that Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu were opposing factions that constantly fought since they were kids.

They would never suspect that he carried a torch for her.

So this means that Xuxu is Third Yan’s actual love interest? And she’s the one he loved right from the beginning?

Oh my god! This is a shocking discovery!

Perhaps Third Yan wasn’t even aware of this.

Fang Jiayin stole a glance at Lu Yinan who was obviously still in shock. Although there was still a smile on her face, her voice started to choke with emotion. “One day, I finally came to this realization. I’m an outstanding person, and I have my pride. So why do I still want to stay with a man whose heart is with another woman?”

“So, that’s the reason.” Lu Yinan nodded his head in understanding and looked at Fang Jiayin with concern. By then, her eyes were already wet with tears. Without delay, he passed two pieces of tissue paper to her. “We’ve misunderstood you this whole time.”

These past three years, whenever someone mentioned Fang Jiayin, they would use the word ‘heartless’ to describe her.

But unknown to all, she had been shouldering all this pain by herself.

Yes, it was true. This was exactly Third Yan’s behavior. Whenever Wen Xuxu was around, his eyes would be fixated on her, watching her attentively and correcting her mistakes.

When they gathered at a table for a meal, he would always remember how many bowls of rice Xuxu had eaten. If she consumed more than two bowls, he would keep tabs on the total number.

Besides Xuxu, those childhood friends that they grew up with were all careless and reckless men who had failed to realize that Third Yan was especially caring towards Xuxu.

“When we were together, the words that he mentioned the most were ‘Wen Xuxu, that stupid woman’.

“It’s no joke, really. The onlooker sees more of the game.”

Yan Rusheng withdrew his hand and turned around to lean against the wall. Fang Jiayin’s words kept ringing in his ears.

Is that really true? Xuxu is the only one in my heart

But he did have feelings for her when they were together that night; it was an unforgettable night for him.

He’d loved her. He was even head over heels in love with her before.

Accompanying her for dinner and to the movies, holding hands together; they were the couple that everyone at school envied.

But what she said was true. Whenever Xuxu was with someone from the opposite sex, he would find a way to get rid of that person. Other than Jiang Zhuoheng and Ming Ansheng whom they grew up with, there were no other men in her life.