Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 329

Chapter 329 He's Not As Good Looking As Me

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But wasn’t it because he hated her and didn’t want her to enjoy being in a relationship like other people?

Indeed, each time they picked a restaurant near her school, it was because she was too lazy to travel too far for her meals.

It was also because Grandmother had always reminded him to bring her out for meals.

His mind was now in a whirl, and he could no longer differentiate what his motives were for interfering with Xuxu’s life all these years.

Did it really take him so many years to realize that the one he loved was Xuxu?

If so, then what about his feelings towards Fang Jiayin?

He went home feeling really baffled.

The moment he stepped into the house, the person that caught his eye was the woman who constantly made him worry.

He stood at the door and gazed intently at her.

Xuxu had just eaten her dinner. She was wearing her cartoon pajamas, and her freshly washed and blow-dried hair was as smooth as silk. Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, she was holding a book on the philosophic theory of encouragement. Her bright and clear eyes were glued to the television screen.

What’s she watching that’s making her look so fascinated?

Yan Rusheng’s deep eyes were filled with tenderness. With a slight smile, his face resembled a blooming flower in spring, ever so bright and charming.

Wen Xuxu, what should I do?

It seems like you’ve already been etched in my heart a long time ago.

When did that happen?

He had stolen so many letters and destroyed stalks after stalks of flowers from her admirers simply because he didn’t want to give room for other people to enter her life.

“Third Young Master, you’re back.”

Yan Rusheng was staring at Xuxu and lost in thought when Aunt Zhang interrupted him with her voice.

He snapped out of his daze and gave a dissatisfied glare at Aunt Zhang who was on the second floor. After which, he began walking towards the sofa.

As he moved towards Xuxu, he asked, “Which soap opera are you into this time?”

He stood right in front of Xuxu and blocked her view of the television screen.

It happened to be the climax of the television program, so Xuxu anxiously pushed Yan Rusheng aside and craned her neck to see the screen. “Move away and don’t block my view.”

Yan Rusheng turned back and glanced at the television. It was airing the latest melodrama about an immortal knight and had just reached the part where the male leadin his billowing shirtdescended to save the female lead who had fallen in dire straits.

The male lead’s makeup was skillfully done and made him look dashing. But without makeup, Yan Rusheng felt that the male lead’s natural looks were a far cry from his.

He turned back and looked at Xuxu with a frown. “He’s not as good-looking at me.”

Nowadays, people watched melodramas because of the attractive male leads. But since she already had an extremely attractive man in her life, was there a need for her ogle those men on TV?

Young Master Yan was really too narcissistic.

Xuxu rolled her eyes at him and didn’t respond.

Before their marriage, he was aloof and arrogant.

But now, he was just childish and shamelessly unreasonable.

And at times, an overbearing hypocrite with a malicious tongue. There wasn’t a time where his behavior had been normal.

Did this mean that he was now more amiable and approachable than before? Did she prefer the more aloof and arrogant him?

As Yan Rusheng mulled this over, he swiftly withdrew his smile and said in a cold low tone, “Wen Xuxu, you stupid woman. Hurry up and go back to the room and warm my bed.”