Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Where Is That Dumb Woman?

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Does it mean that she begged Yan Rusheng for forgiveness in bed?

She treaded carefully towards them and noticed that the most gossipy female colleague of the office was holding an entertainment newspaper.

Xuxu had a hunch that there would be an article of her and Yan Rusheng.

“Hi, Sister Xuxu.”

One of the colleagues caught sight of her and addressed her immediately. Everyone else scampered back to their desks and within seconds, started working once more.

“Wasn’t everyone having fun gossiping just now?” Xuxu eyed the culprits and her mouth curled to a rather frosty smile.

They trembled in fear and lowered their heads even further down, and they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

They had flocked together to gossip during office hours; naturally, they would be berated by the administrator if they were caught.

Xuxu returned to her desk and the first thing she did was to check her phone for any articles about her and Yan Rusheng.

She clicked a website and the first thing that appeared on the home page was a huge, eye-popping article about them.

The headline was ‘Third Young Master and Third Madam Yan Suspected To Have Quarreled’.

The content was: Yesterday morning, someone caught sight of Third Madam Yan driving to work alone, looking forlorn and miserable. Third Young Master, who was usually hardworking, arrived during lunchtime. He stopped right outside the company’s entrance and dashed right in. He didn’t even realize that his shirt was buttoned wrong. The night before, someone spotted Third Master hugging a lady outside The First Wealth, and Third Master seemed to be drunk. Many people online believed that Third Young Master had stayed overnight at the lady’s place and was caught by Third Madam Yan. Hence in the morning, he had rushed to apologize to her, and that’s why he had buttoned his shirt wrongly in fluster.

He was hugging a lady outside The First Wealth

That should be Fang Jiayin.

A photo was included and she fixed her gaze on Yan Rusheng who was outside The First Wealth that night.

Yan Rusheng was hugging Fang Jiayin in the picture, with his head resting on her shoulders. His whole body seemed to be totally dependent on her.

And Fang Jiayin’s hands were wrapped around his body, as she had her eyes on him. They seemed too intimate with such a position.

In the photo, Yan Rusheng looked drunk indeed. But who was he thinking of when he embraced Fang Jiayin so tightly?

He came home to sleep that night, but after seeing the photo of Yan Rusheng hugging Fang Jiayin the woman he had loved so deeply she realized she wasn’t as forgiving as thought she would be.

Under those circumstances, what else could they have done?

Feeling a little stuffy, she left early for lunch together with her colleagues.

Yan Rusheng waited for Xuxu in his office. When she didn’t come looking for him, he decided to call her extension line up. But no one picked up.

He slammed his phone on the table and frowned in frustration.

“Where is that dumb woman?”

It was 12 noon, was she planning to skip lunch?

He rose and peered outside his office, it was empty outside and no one was in sight. Xuxu’s desk was tidy and neat, and it didn’t seem like she went away for a short break.

Yan Rusheng dialed her number and Xuxu finally picked up after a few more rings.

“Hello, President Yan,” her muffled voice was heard over the phone. It seemed that she had her mouth full and couldn’t speak properly.

Young Master Yan knew that she was eating. He gritted his teeth in silent fury. “Wen Xuxu, how dare you go out for lunch without informing me?”

Xuxu replied, “I’m eating at the canteen. Do you want to join?”