Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Why Are You Trying To Be Difficult?

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What? She went to the canteen?

Didn’t she know that he hated that place?

He had only been there once, and it was almost two years ago, and after that, he swore that he would never step into his own company’s canteen ever again.

He could never forget how a person had vomited all the contents of his stomach onto his plate.

After that incident, he felt so disgusted that he almost fell ill. He never set foot in the canteen after that day again.

And he fired that employee.

This stupid woman had deliberately gone to the canteen. It was obvious that she was trying to infuriate him on purpose did he do something wrong again?

“I’m not going, come back now,” he commanded her.

Xuxu was holding a fork and was eating a fruit salad. She replied coolly, “I’m almost done. Do you want me to bring back some food for you? The fruit salad is very fresh.”

She could hear Young Master Yan heaved a deep breath loudly on the other line. It was a warning sign that he was about to explode.

His expression right now should be ugly and bitter?

She suddenly felt delighted at the thought of it. If she wasn’t in a public place, she would have burst out laughing.

Her colleagues were all green with envy as they thought about how loving the scion and his wife were.

She merely went out for lunch and he had already missed her.

“Wen Xuxu!”

As what Xuxu had guessed, Yan Rusheng indeed exploded. He ended the call without waiting for Xuxu’s response.

Young Master Yan paced to and fro in his office before calling for takeaways.

When Xuxu came back from the canteen, she returned to her desk and didn’t proceed to enter Yan Rusheng’s office. Tea break came around and Young Master Yan could no longer endure it.

He held his empty cup with one hand, while the other dialed Xuxu’s extension number.

Xuxu answered promptly, “President Yan.”

“Black coffee without sugar.”

He hung up instantly.

He glared at the telephone.

“Dumb woman, black coffee without sugar. You should know what it means.”

Knock knock knock.

Someone was knocking.

Yan Rusheng sat upright and said in a monotonous voice, “Come in.”

Xuxu walked in, taking her precious time. “President Yan.”

She didn’t close the door, walked to Yan Rusheng’s desk, and stretched her hand to take his cup.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist and had a firm grip on it. “Why are you trying to be difficult?”

Xuxu shook her head in denial and put on an innocent expression. “I’m not.”

She jerked her hand away from his grip with force. She swiftly grabbed his cup and then turned to leave.

Yan Rusheng stopped her by grabbing her and pulling her towards him.

But Xuxu was able to grab the corner of the table instead, refusing to allow Yan Rusheng to do what he liked.

She was furious and turned to blaze at him. “Do you really want to know?”

Did he read the news? Or had he simply assumed that she wouldn’t be interested to know about his news with other women?

Yan Rusheng raised a brow, “What do you think?”

“Did you see the news about us this morning?”

They were both late for work so she wasn’t sure if he read the news today.

And he wasn’t the one to habitually check the news on his phone.

“News?”Yan Rusheng was perplexed. Were they on the news?

He had rushed to the office this morning and furthermore he had urgent stuff to handle. He didn’t have time to read the newspapers yet.

He opened his drawer and retrieved all the newspapers. The headline ‘Third Young Master’ caught his attention immediately.