Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Unless She Doesn't Love You

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When he read about how he had wrongly buttoned his shirt, his good-looking face darkened in a split second.

If Qiao Jian hadn’t pointed out that his shirt was buttoned wrong that day, then he would have worn that shirt all day long.

He raised his head and glared at Wen Xuxu. He could hardly contain his rage as he knew how observant she was. He had stood in front of her yesterday and he would never believe that she didn’t notice his shirt.

She purposely refused to remind him so that he would be a laughingstock to everyone.

He really felt like strangling her.

Yan Rusheng inwardly seethed in anger. He then continued reading.

Did he hug a lady outside The First Wealth? Moreover, stayed at the lady’s place?

He scrutinized the photos carefully and it was indeed taken outside The First Wealth. He was seen embracing a woman.

And that woman was actually Fang Jiayin!

He lifted his head to look at Xuxu and began to clarify, “That night I was drinking with Jiang Zhuoheng and we were competing against each other. And I was totally drunk and I really didn’t know this happened.”

“You had a drinking competition with Ah Heng?” Xuxu widened her eyes in disbelief, “How was Ah Heng?”

Yan Rusheng could hold his liquor much better than him. If he was drunk to that extent, what had happened to Ah Heng?

He was usually so gentle and she couldn’t imagine him finishing an entire bottle. It didn’t seem like something he would do.

She looked at Yan Rusheng with contempt. Needless to say, this fellow must have provoked him.

“Hmph!” Yan Rusheng snorted loudly with disdain. “Of course he collapsed on the spot and couldn’t even stand up.”

As he finished talking, he furrowed his eyebrows, “Stupid woman, why are you even concerned about him?”

He sounded sinister and dangerous.

But Xuxu wasn’t afraid and looked at him dead in the eye, “So you can do whatever you want and I’m not allowed?”

She flung his hand away, took his cup and left without looking back.

Yan Rusheng understood her underlying message behind her words and his mood was lifted as he watched her leave. “Petty woman! You’re jealous!”

He had wondered why she left for lunch early with her colleagues.

So the reason must be because of the article.

The scion was feeling euphoric.

He leaned back in his swivel chair and rested a hand on his forehead with a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He stroked his eyebrow absentmindedly.

He was thinkingHow should he appease this jealous woman?

This was no easy feat and he needed to seek an expert’s help.

He immediately dialed Lu Yinan’s number.

The call got through and Lu Yinan answered, “Hello, Third Yan.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “A woman is jealous right now, what should I do to appease her?”

Lu Yinan snorted with disdain. “Why couldn’t you simply say that Wen Xuxu is jealous?”

Yan Rusheng corrected himself. “Wen Xuxu is jealous right now.”

“Flowers, present, dinner, and a movie. Coax her and cheer her up,” Lu Yinan said everything in one breath.

Yan Rusheng replied, “She doesn’t like those stuff.”

Why would that dumb woman like these clich and overused stuff?

“Have you done those things for her?” Lu Yinan questioned him sharply, “How do you know she doesn’t like them? A woman would like a man to send her flowers, shower her with presents and take her to a romantic candlelight dinner unless she doesn’t love you.”

She should have some feelings towards him right now, if not why would she be jealous?