Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 337

Chapter 337 He Liked What She Had Said

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Charles maintained his gentlemanly manners and smiled at Yan Rusheng. “I heard that President Yan wasn’t willing to meet me?”

“Indeed, I didn’t want to.” Yan Rusheng didn’t even try to lie. “The reason I’m here was that I was curious to why you had the cheek to request a meeting with me again.”

His malicious tongue was well-known in the industry.

Charles smiled and then replied, “I had dinner with your wife last night, and she shared with me a beautiful story.”

Yan Rusheng was startled by his words. So that dumb woman was with this man yesterday?

So that friend wasn’t Jiang Zhuoheng?

Damn it,” Yan Rusheng cursed in his mind. He was so sure that he had already forbidden Xuxu to meet this golden-haired fellow by herself, and yet she still had the gall to pay no heed

And look at how smug he looked right now after boasting about his dinner date withhiswife.

But then again, it was a bit of a relief that the person she met up with was Charles and not Jian Zhuoheng. Meeting Charles was purely work-related, but Jiang Zhuoheng

Charles sighed before he spoke, “Unfortunately, the story hasn’t ended yet. Though, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Yan Rusheng stopped his train of thoughts and eyed him menacingly. “What does that story have to do with you meeting me?”

He was wondering anxiously in his heart. What was that story? Why didn’t she mention anything to him regarding a story?

It definitely wasn’t Little Red Riding Hood!

“Today, I’ve especially come to apologize to you, President Yan. Previously, I have made an unreasonable request, I’m really sorry.” Charles sat down and proposed a toast to Yan Rusheng as a mark of his sincerity. “According to your customs, I shall drink this first.”

He gulped the entire glass of red wine.

What kind of story could have made this man regret and feel ashamed of his actions?

Yan Rusheng was really dying to know, in spite of this, he still refused to ask Charles.

The evening went by smoothly, and much to the scion’s surprise it was peaceful. Maybe it was because Charles was calm and apologetic, and he even wore a smile in the whole duration of their dinner.

As the saying goes, if someone has already smiled to apologize, one couldn’t bear to hit the person back. And this meal was coordinated by Wen Xuxu, he couldn’t bear to disappoint her.

After their dinner, Charles brought up the topic of the contract and said that he would personally head down to Flourish & Prosper tomorrow to sign the contract.

It was almost 10 p.m. when Yan Rusheng reached home.

Xuxu was leaning against propped pillows and was watching a drama on her laptop.

The door swung open, and when she saw Yan Rusheng coming in, she left her drama and closed the laptop. She scrambled out of the bed and said, “You’re back.”

She caught a whiff of alcohol as she walked towards him. She said, “I’ll get your clothes for you.”

Just when she turned around, Yan Rusheng hugged her from the back. He said, “You’ve become bolder. How dare you meet a man behind my back?”

Xuxu knew that he was referring to the dinner she had with Charles yesterday.

Without feeling any shame, she replied, “I asked another man out for dinner for the sake ofmyman.”

He liked what she had said!

Yan Rusheng smiled in satisfaction, he then inched nearer to her earlobe. “Whatbeautiful storydid you tell him that he retracted his request and apologized over and over again?”

He was thinking about the story during the entire evening.

And he could hardly wait to listen.

Xuxu pouted and smiled with mystery etched on her lips. “Make a guess.”

Yan Rusheng was tipsy and Xuxu was in his embrace. He could smell her body scent and at this moment, he felt incredibly contented.

“If I could make a guess, why would I ask you?” He frowned and continued, “Anyway it isn’t some fairytale, tell me now.”