Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 338

Chapter 338 She Wanted To Try Fighting For Herself This Time Round

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Xuxu bent her head and gazed down at the arms around her waist. Her mouth curled with a blissful smile. “That was My Lucky Star.”

“I won’t let you off the hook tonight if you don’t tell me.” Yan Rusheng could tell that Xuxu didn’t want to tell him, so he lifted her up and walked towards the bed.

He flung Xuxu on the comfy, spacious bed, and followed then after. He just laid next to her, his arms propped against the bed to support his weight. He didn’t rush to attempt anything. Instead, he just fixed his gaze on Xuxu..

Xuxu could feel her heart pounding wildly inside her chest. She bit her lips and whispered, “I’ll tell you when the story has ended, alright?”

“That depends on your performance then.” Yan Rusheng immediately pounced on her after giving her a devious smile.

The contract with Country Y was finally signed. The Board of Directors were once again impressed with Xuxu’s capability.

They didn’t probe further regarding the process. They simply knew that she had kept her promise that she made at the meeting.

The deal with Country Y had brought Flourish & Prosper to greater heights and glory.

Naturally, more came flocking to fawn over Flourish & Prosper.

When afternoon tea break rolled around, Xuxu made a cup of oatmeal for herself. As she was absentmindedly stirring her cup, she was also skimming through some documents.

Her phone suddenly rang, taking her attention off of the document. She took a quick glance over her phone screen and then picked it up immediately when he saw who it was.

“Hello, Secretary Liu,” she spoke over the phone as she began to walk towards Yan Rusheng’s office.

She hazarded a guess that Secretary Liu called regarding the acquisition of the land for Tiny Stars Orphanage. It wasn’t such a good idea to discuss with him in the main office, so she rushed towards Yan Rusheng’s private office instead.

It had been a long time since Madam Wu and Xuxu turned in the required documents for acquisition, and it had been that long since they waited for the authorities’ approval.

But after a long time of waiting, Madam Wu called Xuxu earlier that morning to inform her that the authorities called her. She intended to call Secretary Liu after work to inquire about the progress, but Seretary Liu beat her to it.

Secretary Liu answered, “Madam Yan, The land for Tiny Stars Orphanage has been settled. When would you be able to sign the contract with the landowner?”

Xuxu’s eyes sparkled with joy. “That’s great! Thank you so much, Secretary Liu.”

“It’s nothing much, it’s my honor to be of service to you.”

“I’ll arrange with Madam Wu tomorrow.”

She could only rest easy after the contract’s been signed, so she had to settle this quickly.

“Sure.” Secretary Liu continued, “Anyways, just wondering, are you and President Yan available tonight? I’ve just came from a meeting and I finally have some free time. The President have always been generous to me and I just want to return the favor by inviting you both to dinner.”

Xuxu politely refused, “Secretary Liu, you’re too courteous. We’ve sought your help so naturally, we should be the ones to give you a treat. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Besides, both she and Yan Rusheng didn’t like having connections with corrupt government officials like he was. Furthermore, she was Fang Jiayin’s uncle naturally, she wouldn’t try to associate herself with him.

After that night merely three years ago, she yielded to circumstances and never once more fought for her own good. But now that she has what she had always dreamt of, she wanted to at least try and fight for herself this time around.

It would seem perhaps that she was simply deceiving herself if she had prevented them from meeting each other. But that was better than her suffering in pain as she watches them relieve fond memories together.