Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Why Are You Envious Of Them?

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“It seems that Madam Yan isn’t keen on going for dinner.” Secretary Liu laughed in response.

“Secretary Liu, that isn’t the case. I’m buried with work lately.” Xuxu made use of her work commitments as an excuse.

Actually, she wasn’t entirely using it as an excuse to brush him off. She was indeed preoccupied with work but of course, she would still be able to make time for a meal if she wanted to.

Secretary Liu didn’t insist further. “Next time then.”

Xuxu nodded her head and answered in a patronizing tone, “Alright.”

Just then, Secretary Liu recalled something. “By the way, regarding that piece of land, the government have already started sourcing for potential investors. If things developed smoothly, the land might be expropriated by early next year.”

So fast?Xuxu was startled. They were just talking about taking back this piece of land and then relocating the inhabitants. Every procedure involves a tedious and significant amount of work. Yet, the land would be expropriated by early next year. Wasn’t this too soon?

She was dumbfounded for a moment but still managed to smile in response. “Got it. Thank you, Secretary Liu.”

Early next yearIt was already November. This meant that in a few months’ time, Tiny Stars Orphanage would probably be demolished.

She had initially intended to take possession of the land first so that the government would not demolish the entire place within the next two years. She would then have ample time to think of ways to relocate the children.

But with only a few months left, it would be quite challenging to handle the matter at hand.

Yan Rusheng raised his head and saw Xuxu walking in with her phone in her hand. She looked forlorn and troubled.

He rose and beckoned her to come. “What’s the matter?”

Xuxu sighed as she snapped out of her daze. “Secretary Liu called to inform that we can start the paperwork for the land possession.”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “That is good news.”

But there must be some negative news too. He waited for her to continue.

Xuxu heaved another heavy sigh. “He also revealed that by early next year, the land might be seized by the government. There’s still a huge chance that the orphanage may still have to be demolished.”

Yan Rusheng put on a smile as he tried to console her. “You still have time. Isn’t it till next year?”

Xuxu was worried sick. “It’s only a few more months to go. I’d better inform Matron Huang to source for a new location. For what use would be those lands that they’re eagerly trying to expropriate them? Perhaps they’re going to build new factories? All these have to be taken into consideration.”

When rural farmlands are opened up for redevelopment, the site would often be used to build factories and these factories cause so much pollution in the area. If so, then what sense does it make to find a nearby location to set up an orphanage?

Yan Rusheng held her by her waist and walked her towards the sofa.

“I envy those children,” he remarked all of a sudden.

Bewildered by his statement, Xuxu raised her head and looked at him. “They are pitiful orphans. Why are you envious of them?”

Yan Rusheng cast a sideways glance at her and with a hint of jealousy in his tone, he said, “They are always in your heart and you are always so concerned and worried for them.”

He withdrew his arm from Xuxu’s waist and took a step towards the sofa and sat down.

Xuxu was taken aback. She looked at the scion and somehow had mixed emotions about his jealousy she could not deny that she was exasperated and at the same time amused.

If he only knew that he has always held a special place in her heart she was also full of concerns and worry for him.

Would he go wild with joy?

Ahem. Forget it.

Let bygones be bygones. Now that they were already together, the past was no longer important, wasn’t it?

“You are no longer a child and yet you still make people worry for you constantly,” she teased, and sat down next to him. “If you admit that you are a child, I’ll concern myself with your daily routines such as eating, sleeping, and shitting.”