Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 340

Chapter 340 She Was Obviously Embarrassed

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“It’s okay, you don’t have to concern yourself with such details. You just need to” Yan Rusheng shifted his gaze to Xuxu’s tummy and curled his lips in a devious manner. With a nonchalant tone, he said, “You just need to worry about my life and our plans to make babies.”

His heart began to stir as he said that. He grasped Xuxu by her waist and pressed his lips on hers.

This fellow! He’s at it again!

Xuxu pressed her hands against his chest and shoved him away. “Nobody wants to make babies with you.”

She jumped to her feet and ran out of the office. If she didn’t put a stop to it, he would have started his hanky panky business again in the office. This dirty-minded fellow, his brain must have been infested with worms.

Yan Rusheng stared at Xuxu’s retreating figure.

Dumb woman. She was obviously embarrassed.

As he mulled over it, his lips curled upwards as if by instinct.

Later that day, Xuxu made arrangements with Madam Wu to transfer the title deeds of the land at the government office.

By the time they came out of the government office, it was almost lunchtime.

Xuxu had intended to buy Madam Wu a meal as she had done her a great help by agreeing to transfer the land ownership to her. However, Madam Wu declined her invitation as she had other appointments.

She didn’t insist and both of them parted ways at the entrance of the government office.

Holding her car keys, Xuxu made her way to the carpark.


Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice calling her and she stopped in her steps. She curled her lips and laughed to herself.

Goodness, gracious! Was heaven ridiculing her?

She had so many friends in this large capital city, yet she hardly bumped into any of them. But, she would randomly just run into Fang Jiayin time after time.

The click-clacked sound of high heels behind her grew closer. Xuxu couldn’t help but sigh and then turn around. Fang Jiayin smiled as she approached her.

“Jiayin, what a coincidence.”

Fang Jiayin wore a black and white striped, figure-hugging harem pants, and a white shirt paired with a black coat. The wind lifted up her tresses and she radiated a feminine charm even from a distance.

She was holding a Thermos jar in her hand and a smile was plastered on her face as she walked. “My auntie made some soup for my uncle and wanted me to bring it to him and I saw you the moment I parked my car.”

She shifted her gaze to the document holder in Xuxu’s hand. She then asked out of concern, “Did matters go smoothly?”

Xuxu nodded her head without hesitation. “Everything is settled.”

“Then shall we have lunch together? Please don’t turn me down.” Fang Jiayin held her hand with enthusiasm. She then joked, “If you turn me down again, I would assume that you are treating me with animosity.”

Xuxu pursed her lips. “Why would I?”

She has no feelings of animosity towards her except for a hint of envy and jealousy. She was envious that Ah Sheng had loved her deeply before, and that she was his first love.

She had no idea why Fang Jiayin insisted on having a meal with her, but she had a hunch that she wanted to have a casual chat with her. So she agreed.

As it wasn’t lunch hour yet, the western restaurants weren’t crowded with diners.

Fang Jiayin flipped through the menu from front to back, and then back to the first page. She ordered the restaurant’s signature steak. After which, she handed the menu to Xuxu. “Xuxu, see what you would like to order.”

Xuxu didn’t fancy western cuisine, so she didn’t bother thoroughly skimming through the menu. She placed the same order as Jiayin.