Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Stop Fooling Around

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Yan Rusheng pretended to be confused by her statement. “Aren’tyoumy true love?”

“Hmph, this stupid woman.”She was trying to set up a trap for him.

Xuxu jerked her head up when she heard his confession, her eyes sparkling with emotion. She stared at him with immense passion, before calling out, “Yan Rusheng!”

She had unconsciously clenched her hands into a tight fist.

With Xuxu staring at him with such an intensity, it was only then that Yan Rusheng felt awkward he realized that he was too honest with his statement earlier.

He straightened his back and raised his voice to conceal his inward awkwardness. “Why did you eat with her?”

“Do you feel guilty?” Xuxu queried. She assumed that guilt might have had something to do with Rusheng suddenly feeling iffy.

But then again, even if he really was, his confession lifted up her spirit. And it was all thanks to his,‘Aren’t you my true love?’.

In any case, he still indirectly admitted it.

Yan Rusheng snorted loudly without care. “Why should I feel guilty? I’m just concerned that you might feel uncomfortable if you meet her.”

Tch. And why should I be? It’s not as if I didn’t know how loving both of you were in the past.”

Yan Rusheng deliberately inhaled and exhaled loudly, and then flashed a bright smile. “I think someone is jealous.”

Xuxu ignored his teasing and continued, “What if Fang Jiayin left three years ago because she had problems with her health and she didn’t want you to know? Or perhaps grandmother had secretly forced her to leave by giving her a sum of money?”

Yan Rusheng gave her a snobbish look. “There must be something wrong with your brain. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“What if what I said was true?” Xuxu gripped his elbow tightly and yearned to hear the answer.

She really wanted to know what he would do if those circumstances were true.

Yan Rusheng raised his brow and stared skeptically at her. “Wen Xuxu, are you afraid?” He didn’t wait for her to respond and laughed. “You’re afraid that I would reconcile with Fang Jiayin if she was indeed forced to leave me.”

His tone was certain and confident.

His laughter made Xuxu blushed red. She shook her head profusely. “No, I’m not.”

Her denial didn’t affect Yan Rusheng in the slightest bit. Although he stopped laughing, his black emerald-jade eyes were still sparkling as he looked at her tiny face with a shadow of a smile.

It seemed as though he was trying to bore a hole through her and it made her feel uneasy.

“I’ll go get some water,” she excused herself and stood up.

She took a step, changed her mind, then backtracked again. She aimed at Yan Rusheng’s leg and swiftly kicked him hard.

Then she fled.

After some distance, she stopped and turned around to pull a face at Yan Rusheng.

It amused the scion that he found himself chasing after her. He managed to catch up and then caught her by wrapping his massive arms around her waist.

He snuggled against her with his chin on her shoulder, and his lips inched closer to her neck. “Try denying it again.”

Xuxu nudged him with her elbow. “Yan Rusheng, stop fooling around.”

“Call me hubby first.”

“Get lost.”


It seemed that by drinking a glass of hot water, her cramps gradually seem less painful.

With an empty glass in her hand, Xuxu sat still near the windows. It was just one of those days when Xuxu would gaze at the sky and get lost in her own thoughts.

Yan Rusheng, being the sneaky fellow that he was, walked behind her in tiptoes and realized that she hadn’t noticed his presence at all.

He thought of just standing there and waiting for her to notice, but even after waiting for some time, she never moved nor acknowledged him.

Getting impatient, he went up to her and whispered, “What’s so fascinating outside that you didn’t notice that I was standing behind you.”