Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 346

Chapter 346 I'm Not A Kid

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“Look at you,” Xuxu laughed as noticed Yan Rusheng’s expression. “I knew you don’t even have the guts to go.”

Yan Rusheng decided to threaten her, “Wen Xuxu, if you don’t leave now, I won’t control myself.”

“Control himself?” Xuxu was baffled for a moment before comprehension dawned on her. She shrieked at him, “Shameless!”

She scurried away.

“This stupid woman gets bashful so easily!”Yan Rusheng inwardly berated Xuxu as his eyes trailed after the girl’s retreating figure. And though he found Xuxu acting absurd, it was still adorable to his liking.

Xuxu sat opposite to Old Master Wen in the clinic. She was currently watching her grandfather check her pulse rate on her wrist. Feeling all anxious, she asked, “Grandfather, how is it? Is there something wrong with my body?”

The old man retracted his hand and shook his head. “There isn’t anything wrong. Just avoid cold foods and eat more red dates, red beans, and brown sugar.”

“Oh,” Xuxu sighed with relief but she was still slightly worried. “Should I do a checkup at the hospital?”

It had already been two to three months and never have they used any protection. Wasn’t it because something was wrong?

The old man noticed how Xuxu was worried, and he understood that to a level that his heart began to ache for his granddaughter.

“Silly girl,” he started to console her, “some things shouldn’t be rushed. The more you take it easy, the easier you will be able to conceive. Besides that, Third Yan and you are still young, what’s the rush?”

Was her anxiety very obvious?

Xuxu bent her head to hide her embarrassment. She chastised him instead, “That’s because you have been nagging for a great-grandchild.”

She was indeed more anxious than she should be. She thought that by having a child with Yan Rusheng, it would bring them closer together. It would also strengthen the foundation of their marriage.

But she was still doubtful of Yan Rusheng’s love for her even if he had treated her well and made her happy and blissful.

After all, he had loved Fang Jiayin so deeply before, that light traces of the girl were still evident in his life even after three long years have passed.

Before, she was so scared and apprehensive thinking that if she bore him a child, he would definitely dump her afterward. But now that the tables have turned, of course, for the better, she badly wanted a child right there and now.

The old man snorted loudly, and chided, “Right! If I knew any better, you’re the one who is anxious to see how your child with that wretched fellow would look like.”

Slightly offended with what her grandfather had said, Xuxu frowned. She exclaimed, “Grandfather!”

He smiled this time. “You’ve finally gained weight. It looks like Third Yan is treating you well.”

“You can tell?” Xuxu was surprised as she pinched her own cheeks.

She was chubbier? Why didn’t she notice it?

“If not, then why are you in a hurry to bear him children?” he said in a teasing manner.

Xuxu turned beet red. She glared at the old man, pretending to be furious. “I’m not talking to you. I shall look for Qi Lei and drink the fish soup.”

The fish soup was ready on the second floor.

She ascended the stairs and the fragrant smell of the soup welcomed her. She hastened her footsteps. “Qi Lei, your cooking skills have indeed improved.”

She walked to the table and picked up a pair of chopsticks, she then began eating.

Qi Lei scooped some soup into the bowl and passed it to her. “Sister Xuxu, be careful. It’s still hot.”

“Thank you.” Xuxu received the soup and thanked him in delight.

She couldn’t wait to try the soup as she looked at the bowl eagerly.

She took her spoon and was about to take a sip of the soup when Qi Lei reminded her once more. “There might be bones. Be careful.”

Xuxu looked at him in amusement, “Qi Lei, I’m not a kid.”