Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 350

Chapter 350 His Looks Were Too Charming Indeed

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She answered the call. “Hello.”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll buy supper for you,” Yan Rusheng asked in his usual deep and stoic voice.

“No” Xuxu had planned to refuse as she didn’t want to trouble him at this time of the night. But she suddenly thought of the sanitary pads and she changed her mind abruptly. “Just buy me anything. And I need you to bring me something else.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “What is it?”

“Hmmm sanitary pads,” Xuxu felt a little awkward and so she just whispered, “I forgot to bring it today.”

Young Master Yan was a little awkward as well and uttered, “Alright, I’ll buy them.”

Xuxu prompted, “You don’t have to buy. I have some at home. It’s inside the drawer in the bathroom.”

“Got it,” Yan Rusheng said lightly and hung up.

Dumb woman, how dare she refute his claims that she was unladylike. How could she forget something as essential as a pad at a time like this? Lucky for her, if he did not call and planned on coming over, what could she have done?

As the scion reversed his car, he couldn’t help but think of how clutter-brained his wife was. Though at the very least, Yan Rusheng was glad that Xuxu didn’t ask Jiang Zhuoheng to run a personal errand for her at the convenience store

At the thought of this, he felt cheered up.

After waiting for her for more than two hours, the dumb woman didn’t disappoint him indeed. He was certain that Xuxu had chased Jiang Zhuoheng away, and he didn’t leave on his own accord.

He reached the convenience store in front of the hospital and parked his car outside. He then walked towards the store with long, confident strides. The automatic glass doors slid open when he neared it.

The sleepy storekeeper sitting at the counter heard the sound of the doors opening and widened her eyes. Her sleepiness vanished instantly when she saw him.

She rose hastily and bowed slightly. She smiled at Young Master Yan who had just entered. “Hi, what are you looking for?”

The convenience store was the same as supermarkets; customers would select the items and bring it to the counter for payment. There wasn’t any need for the storekeeper to serve customers.

His looks worked like magic, again.

“Where are the sanitary pads?” Yan Rusheng scanned the shelves briefly with his hands stuffed in his pockets. Even though he just asked a young girl about something so embarrassing, he still appeared nonchalant and composed.

He hasn’t stepped into a convenience store in such a long time. So he was completely unfamiliar with the product placements and didn’t know where to find specific items.

The storekeeper was slightly shocked and repeated, “You you want to buy sanitary pads?”

She seemed like she could hardly believe that such a handsome man with such an overwhelming aura would be buying sanitary pads.

Yan Rusheng turned his head to the storekeeper and lifted his brow coldly. “Yes?”

But little did she know that this handsome guy had quite a bad temper.

The storekeeper blushed and pointed at a shelf. “It’s on the last shelf over there.”

Yan Rusheng walked over to the shelf without a single word, grabbed some items and strolled to the counter to pay.

The storekeeper was visibly trembling when the scion came back with the sanitary pads.

He placed them at the counter and waited.