Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Everything Is Here

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The storekeeper gave a cursory glance at the sanitary pads in Young Master Yan’s hands and her mouth involuntarily twitched.

This gorgeous guy had actually bought all the brands in the store

And a variety of different sizes and uses.

“Hi. The total is 76.20 yuan.”

Yan Rusheng took out his wallet and gave her 100 yuan.

As he waited for his items to be packed, he casually caught sight of a stack of exquisite-looking chocolate next to the counter. The boxes were shaped like a heart and it had a picture of an adorable bear.

He picked one up and examined it.

The storekeeper turned to where the scion’s gaze landed. When she realized that he was looking at the chocolates, she quickly tried to promote the sweets. “Mister, we have a promotion for that chocolate. It’s on a 20% discount and if you buy two boxes, you will get a cuddly bear for free.”

She retrieved a box which contained a furry bear from the back of the stack of boxes.

“Discount? There is a freebie if you buy two?”

The scion was rather irritated when he heard these. Did he look like someone who needed to buy items at a discounted price, let alone with a freebie?

He glanced at the furry bear and a past memory suddenly popped into his head. He remembered the furry doll that he had thrown away before, and that it belonged to Wen Xuxu.

That dumb woman did seem to like such childish and fluffy stuff.

He puffed up his chest and said, “Give me two boxes then.”

There was a long pause

“Yes, right away.” The storekeeper quickly scanned the boxes of chocolates and placed them into a bag along with the sanitary pads. She passed it to him and said, “Thank you and have a nice day.”

Yan Rusheng received the bag and left right away.

As the storekeeper stared at the towering figure, she had a hunch that she had seen this handsome man before he looked so familiar.

Young Master Yan held the bag and walked to the ward that Xuxu had told him. He twisted the doorknob and went in.

When Yan Rusheng strode in the room with his long, unwinding legs, Xuxu was still dabbing Huanhuan’s forehead with a damp cloth. The little girl’s fever seemed to have returned, unfortunately.

“You’re here,” she said as she turned to where Yan Rusheng was. After getting an acknowledgment from him, she then went back to wringing the cloth and trying to simmer down Huanhuan’s fever with it.

Yan Rusheng sounded rather piqued as he looked at her. “Can’t you just hire a nurse to take care of her?”

He saw how attentive and gentle she was towards Huanhuan. And somehow, he felt a twinge of jealousy on behalf of his future children.

Xuxu didn’t stop her movements and continued taking care of Huanhuan. She replied, “Why should we hire a nurse? A nurse wouldn’t be as attentive as me.”

He had an urge to strangle this dumb woman who couldn’t appreciate his good intentions!

Young Master Yan cursed at her repeatedly in his mind but he appeared unperturbed on the surface. “Your face is as pale as a sheet.”

Right away Xuxu thought of the stuff that she had asked him to bring. She stammered, “That the did you bring it for me?”

She was embarrassed and blushed crimson. She hung her head low.

Having her menstruation wasn’t anything embarrassing between a married couple. But she just couldn’t seem to look at Yan Rusheng in the eye.

It was probably due to the fact that they had grown up together and both of them were so prideful by nature.

And suddenly they found themselves so intimate with each other and she seemed to have transformed into a meek and docile woman in front of him. The entire situation she was in made her rather bashful and awkward.

“Everything is here.” Yan Rusheng appeared nonchalant and casually passed the bag to her.

Deep down he was also feeling awkward. Earlier on, he had been so confident and calm when he bought the sanitary pads at the store.

But he had no idea why he became so coy when he looked at her.