Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Does This Short Change The Little Girl?

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She looked at Yan Rusheng who was sound asleep and at that instant, she couldn’t bear to lift her gaze from him.

Xuxu woke up the next day and found herself lying on the sofa with Yan Rusheng’s blazer draped over her body.

She was worried about Huanhuan’s fever last night and kept vigil by her bedside. What happened after that was a blank to her.

Yan Rusheng must have had carried her over to the sofa.

She looked towards the bed and saw that little Huanhuan was still sleeping like a baby and the wooden stool next to the bed was empty.

She wasn’t certain if Yan Rusheng had left, so she took out her cell phone and dialed his number.

The line got through and a deep cold voice sounded on the other side. “You’re awake.”

Xuxu whispered, “Are you in the office?”

She had no idea if he was still raging over the matter yesterday. But from his tone of voice, she could sense that he was either still angry or upset.

Yan Rusheng replied with a short hum and didn’t continue any further.

Xuxu moved her lips but hesitated a few times before speaking her mind. “You didn’t sleep well last night. Catch a nap when you are back in the office.”

She figured, when both are at loggerheads, one party ought to give in first.

He had brought supper for her in the middle of the night and stayed behind to accompany her in the hospital which was overwhelmed with the stench of medicine.

Yet, she was the pretentious one. She ought to have kept separate issues apart and shouldn’t have allowed her emotions from one matter to affect another.

After all, he had already done his best.

Yan Rusheng softened his tone. “I got it.”

“That’ll be all. Let’s end the call”.

Xuxu was about to hang up when Yan Rusheng suddenly added, “I spoke to the doctor before I left and he said to continue observing her. If her fever subsides this morning, we can bring the little girl home to recuperate.”

Without a second thought, Xuxu said, “It’s better to remain in the hospital. There are too many children in the orphanage, and the matron mentioned before that the children have not taken their vaccination. Also, the orphanage is too far away. If there’s an emergency, it will be troublesome.”

“Bring her home then,” suggested Yan Rusheng. “Aunt Zhang and the rest have more experience than you in taking care of children.”

Xuxu widened her mouth in shock. “You mean bring her back to our home?”

Did she heard it wrong? He allowed her to bring Huanhuan home?

As he was obsessed with cleanliness and Huanhuan had contracted chickenpox, the thought of bringing her home didn’t even cross her mind.

But beyond any doubt, she couldn’t return to the orphanage until she’s made a full recovery, and it was also impossible to remain in the hospital.

She thought of putting her up with grandfather for two days and let Qi Lei take care of her. But it would be inconvenient for her to travel to work daily.

If she could bring her home, that would be ideal.

Yan Rusheng’s voice sounded annoyed again on the other line. “Does this short-change the little girl?”

Xuxu shook her head instantly. “No, no. Then I’ll observe her this morning. Once the doctor gives the green light, I’ll bring her home this afternoon. Thank you, Ah Sheng.”

Hearing her obsequious tone, Yan Rusheng’s mood felt better instantly. He replied with another soft hum and hung up.

The moment she ended the call, Jiang Zhuoheng arrived with breakfast. When he entered the door, he saw Xuxu holding her phone and chuckling to herself.

This was a sight that was seldom seen and he was astonished.

She must have just spoken to Yan Rusheng over the phone. Only he has the ability to control her emotions.

He stared at Xuxu and felt despondent for a moment. Jiang Zhuoheng drew back from his thoughts and chuckled. “Why are you on cloud nine this early in the morning? Found some money?”