Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Would Their Relationship Be Better Than The Present?

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Xuxu raised her head and looked at him, visibly startled. “You are here so early.”

Jiang Zhuoheng walked towards her and answered, “Yes, but I need to return to the office shortly.”

He walked up to her and handed over the food. “Your breakfast. Eat up, quick.”

“You shouldn’t have rushed over since you’re so busy. Aren’t you tired of getting caught in the morning hour traffic jam?” Xuxu chided him out of concern. She then stretched out her hands to receive the bag.

She opened the bag and peered inside. It was steamed dumplings and pig liver wild vegetable porridge.

“Did Huanhuan run a fever yesterday night?” Jiang Zhuoheng shifted his gaze to the bed and observed Huanhuan who was still sound asleep.

Xuxu replied, “No, she didn’t. But whenever her temperature would start to spike up, I dabbed her forehead with a damp cloth. Her temperature didn’t rise after that. The doctor also said that if her fever is kept at bay, she can be discharged.”

As Jiang Zhuoheng listened on, he got worried. “The orphanage is located far away, and as what Matron Huang mentioned yesterday, some of the children at the orphanage have yet to be vaccinated against chicken pox. So, it’s not yet safe for Huanhuan to return until she’s made a full recovery.”

He pondered for a moment and said, “How about let me bring her home? There will be people at home to take care of her.”

“It’s alright.” Xuxu shook her head and answered cheerfully. “Yan Rusheng allowed me to bring Huanhuan home.”

Jiang Zhuoheng was stunned for a moment and vacillated, “Was that why you were so overjoyed earlier?”

Although he was unsure if her elation was due to that, somehow he had a hunch that it wasn’t far off.

Xuxu pressed her lips together and remained silent, seeming to agree tacitly.

Jiang Zhuoheng lowered his head and curled his lips bitterly.

“So Yan Rusheng, how could I ever compete with you?”

In her heart, one of them had already emerged a winner.

Little Huanhuan’s condition was stable for the entire morning, with no signs of the fever spiking up. And so, Xuxu was able to bring her home when afternoon rolled around.

When they arrived at the Yan family’s mansion, the little girl was struck in awe the moment they entered the courtyard.

“Sister Xuxu, your house is so magnificent.”

The three-year-old child was obviously thrilled.

A pair of crystal clear eyes resembling two black gems darted around with sheer excitement.

“Let’s go in quickly. The wind is too strong and you can’t afford to catch a cold.” Xuxu bent over and scooped Huanhuan up, blocking her face from the wind with one arm.

Aunt Zhang heard the butler announce that Xuxu was back and scurried out of the house. “Missy, you are back.”

She greeted Wen Xuxu and looked at Huanhuan who was in her arms. A kind and pleasant smile appeared on her face unknowingly.

“She must be Huanhuan.”

“Hello grandmother, I am Huanhuan.” Little Huanhuan had good manners and was also very smart for her age. She already knew how to address an elderly such as Aunt Zhang.

Her sweet voice tickled Aunt Zhang’s heart and she was bursting with joy. “Hello. Come in quickly. It’s cold outside.”

They strode into the house together and Xuxu placed Huanhuan down after that.

The little girl removed her shoes by herself and ran free as a bird in the living room.

“Having a child in the house livens up the atmosphere. ” Aunt Zhang looked at Huanhuan and added hopefully, “How nice if you and Third Young Master had a child of this age. I will still be able to take care for you for a few years.”

Hearing this, Xuxu’s heart skipped a beat.

She gazed at little Huanhuan’s petite figure. She was merely as tall as her thighs.

How nice if you and Third Young Master had a child of this age

If they had a child, how would their life be? Would their relationship be better than the present?