Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Obviously Getting On In Years

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Perhaps if grandmother wouldn’t have left so soon, she wouldn’t have left with many regrets.

She just couldn’t get grandmother’s last words out of her mind.

While she was mulling over this, little Huanhuan had already run to the staircase.

She pointed to the second floor and said in a sweet and innocent tone, “Sister Xuxu, can I go upstairs?”

At the age of three, her pronunciation was unclear and hearing her lispy pronunciation would melt one’s heart.

“Of course you can.” Xuxu nodded her head with a smile and took a step towards her.

The doctor advised that Huanhuan could only take bland food. Since she won’t be returning to the office in the afternoon, Xuxu went to the supermarket to buy some groceries.

Yan Rusheng came home and heard voices of adults and children coming from the kitchen. He changed into his slippers and walked with quiet steps to the dining room entrance.

In the kitchen, Xuxu was wearing a floral print apron and julienning the carrots in front of the stove.

After taking Huanhuan home, Xuxu gave her a sponge bath and changed her into a set of clean clothes. Xuxu then had her naturally curled hair tied up into two braids.

The child was already in good spirits as she was no longer running a fever, and added to that, the red blisters on her body started to heal.

Xuxu brought her a stool and let her sit by her side.

Looking at the shredded carrot, the little girl pouted her lips, “I don’t like to eat carrots.”

Hearing this, Xuxu took out a stalk of vegetable from the basin and teased her, “Then just have green vegetables.”

She knew that most children didn’t fancy greens and carrots.

As expected, Huanhuan knitted her eyebrows. With pouted lips, she shook her head. “Huanhuan don’t like to eat green vegetables either.”

Xuxu said firmly, “Green vegetables and carrots are nutritious. You cannot be picky about food.”

“Huanhuan likes to eat Kentucky fried chicken.” After saying this, the little girl turned to Xuxu with a look of anticipation.

She was so full of wits. After beating around the bush, all she wanted was to request for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Xuxu smiled in response. “Those are junk food.”

“But the television commercial said that it’s delicious.” Huanhuan’s lips sank and she whispered, “Huanhuan had never eaten before.”

She lowered her head and her legs dangled restlessly from the chair.

She looked so pitiful in her petite frame, and oh how Xuxu wished that she could bring her to savor the fried chicken immediately.

There were not so many outdoor activities for the kids at the orphanage and were mostly limited to weeding the grass at nearby farmlands. Visiting the town or city for Kentucky Fried Chicken was seemingly impossible.

With so many children, it was also impractical to order takeaways and add it to their everyday diet.

Even though Kentucky Fried Chicken was junk food, which child in the city hasn’t eaten it before?

Xuxu stopped working on her chores and patted Huanhuan on her head. “If you behave, I’ll bring you to eat after you’ve fully recovered.”

“Great. That’s great.” Huanhuan clapped her hands ecstatically.

Her puerile laughter infected the entire house. Yan Rusheng, who was standing at the door also curled his lips subconsciously.

This little thingshe’s just so promising that even junk food could bring her so much joy.

He leaned lazily against the wall of the kitchen entrance and looked at the adult and the child. He couldn’t bear to lift his eyes off them.

“Third Young Master, why are you standing here?”

All of a sudden, Aunt Zhang walked over.

There was a long pause

Yan Rusheng stared at Aunt Zhang with a look of annoyance. Why must this old lady always appear at the wrong time and kill the beautiful scene?

Standing there without uttering a word, it was obvious that he was snooping around.

She was definitely getting on in years and lacking the ability to make discerning judgments.

“Brother-in-law is back. ”

Aunt Zhang’s voice was deafening and startled both of Xuxu and Huanhuan in the kitchen.