Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Quickly Have A Baby

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When Huanhuan saw Yan Rusheng, she slid down from her chair instantly and lept at him.

Xuxu told her earlier that this house belonged to her and brother-in-law, and that she should talk to him in an ingratiating manner whenever he was around. Once brother-in-law was pleased with her, he would buy her a lot of delicious food.

Xuxu smiled and shook her head in disbelief when she saw little Huanhuan’s enthusiasm towards Yan Rusheng. Food could really play a significant role in enticing a child.

The little girl ran over to Yan Rusheng and hugged his leg. She tilted her head up and looked at him, “Brother-in-law, sister Xuxu will bring us to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

“What do you mean sister Xuxu will bring them?” pondered Yan Rusheng. He didn’t need Xuxu to bring them over.

Young Master Yan was displeased with the words used by the little girl. He bent over, pinched her tiny face and corrected her. “It should bemewho’s going to bring both of you there.”

Xuxu took it as a grain of sand, thinking that he was only kidding.

Why would a guy like him be even bothered to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken with them?

“Can you please bring her out? I am still preparing dinner and it will be served shortly.” She shooed them out of the kitchen.

“What delicious dishes have you prepared?” Yan Rusheng rose to his height and straightened his back. He shifted his gaze to what Xuxu was cooking and saw vegetable and meat sprawled all over the chopping board. His face instantly brightened up.

He gingerly walked over the counter and picked up a piece of vegetable from a cooked dish before shoving it into his mouth.

He chewed for a little while, and without holding back his critic, he shot Xuxu a disapproving look. “Bad.”

Xuxu was furious. “Get lost!”

Early Friday morning, Xuxu brought Huanhuan back to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that she had made a full recovery. Other than foods that are too stimulating for her, she was free to consume all others.

She called Matron Huang and told her the good news. Since Huanhuan’s already better, Matron Huang would be picking her up this Saturday.

However, Xuxu was a bit reluctant about letting her go. After discussing with the Matron, they’ve agreed that she will personally send Huanhuan back on Sunday night.

When they left the outpatient clinic, Xuxu asked Aunt Zhang and the driver to bring Huanhuan home as she needed to return to the office. After giving instructions to Aunt Zhang, she lowered her head and smiled at Huanhuan. “Huanhuan, be a good girl and follow grandmother Zhang home. We’ll buy new clothes and have Kentucky Fried Chicken tomorrow.”

Huanhuan nodded her head sensibly. “Mm. Bye-bye, Sister Xuxu.”

Under the brilliant morning sun, the little girl’s tender face was bursting of energy. Her energy resembled the bright sparkle of a green emeraldshe was indeed a bright spark.

Xuxu caressed her chubby cheeks and pursed her lips, her eyes flickered with mixed feelings.

Early Saturday morning, Xuxu brought Huanhuan out. As Yan Yusheng was still busy with a videoconference with his business partners, Xuxu just gestured that they were already heading out.

After they had settled inside the car and fastened their seat belts, Xuxu’s phone received a message from Yan Rusheng.

“I’ll look for you later.”

Those words made Xuxu feel all warm inside. She replied a quick‘ok’before she started the engine on.

She made plans to meet up with Zhou Shuang that day, and so she didn’t bring the chauffeur and the servant along.

Zhou Shang was returning from overseas travel, she should reach the capital city at around 10 in the morning. Hence, she could only meet up with Xuxu and Huanhuan in the afternoon.

For the whole morning, Xuxu took Huanhuan for a stroll. She bought the little girl some new clothes and some tidbits, too. She also grabbed a few more for the children back in the orphanage.

When 1 in the afternoon rolled around, Zhou Shuang met up with Xuxu and Huanhuan at the shopping mall.

They brought Huanhuan to the children’s playground at the Kids’ Zone. Only children were allowed in, and so adults have to stay outside to wait.

Huanhuan had already sped off like a bullet to the playground when Xuxu called out to her to be careful.

Zhou Shuang looked at her and pulled an ambiguous smile. “Since you like children so much, you better have a child with Yan Rusheng quick.”