Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 358

Chapter 358 11 November

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Xuxu cast a sideways glance at her. “Such matters can’t be rushed.”

Zhou Shuang suddenly hugged her and whispered into her ears, “Get Yan Rusheng to work hard tonight.”

Xuxu blushed and nudged her with her elbows. “Bad girl.”

The next few weekends were neither too idle or busy. Yet this particular weekend was packed with back to back engagements.

Yan Rusheng was sitting in the backseat, he was massaging his swollen temples.

The car stopped as it approached the red light. He glanced at his watch. It was almost 5 p.m.

“Hurry up.”

He demanded at his chauffeur in urgency.

When the traffic light turned green, his chauffeur sped off. It was already the almost the evening rush hour, and worse there was a commotion that caused a traffic build-up.

When the car came to a halt again, Yan Rusheng tilted his headfrustrated with what was happening. He was getting more and more impatient as the time ticked on.

It seemed that there was a gridlock situation ahead, and a crowd had gathered a few meters awaywhich got increasingly bigger by the seconds.

“President, there seemed to be a commotion at the Capital City Musical Theatre causing the congestion.”

The chauffeur’s voice echoed in his ears. He then knitted his eyebrows. “Take a detour.”

“Quick. It’s really Chen Yuxi.”

“Yuxi! Yuxi!”

Two young ladies ran past their car in sheer excitement. They were calling out someone’s name as they ran.

“Yuxi? Who’s that fellow?”

It must be some superstar. Yan Rusheng had lost touch with the entertainment industry and couldn’t care less, he was already tied up with work and basking in Xuxu’s love.

The chauffeur took a quick glance behind him and seemed to panic on his seat. “Oh dear. Traffic has already piled up behind us too.”

Yan Rusheng also turned his head around to look, only to find out that the traffic behind them came to a standstill in just a few seconds.

There was no way to make a detour even.

He clicked his tongue and pounded his fists on the car door. He was already fuming in anger and anxiety.

He glared at the swarm of people ahead of him.

Those people came from both sides of the road, and were up on their toes all excited!

There was also a throng of security and traffic police rushing to the traffic to maintain order.

But that didn’t change the situation, it was still chaotic as ever. Unceasing shouts and ear-piercing shrieks started filling the air. Even from where Yan Rusheng was, he could hear chants.

“Who is Fang Jiayin? How dare she compete with our Yuxi?”

“Exactly. She’s only an insignificant violinist trying to create a hype for herself in the name of charity.”

As their car neared a pavement, the conversation of every pedestrian could be distinctively heard.

When Yan Rusheng heard the content of the discussions, his eyes flickered in astonishment.

“Fang Jiayin! Compete?”

11 November, Charity Musical Performance at Capital City Musical Theatre by musician Fang Jiayin, who had just returned from abroad

Today is exactly 11 November.

What was happening?

He lifted an arm slowly and propped it on the car window. He held his chin with the same hand and looked pensively at the crowd.

The crowd went into a frenzy and it was beyond what the police could handle.

Arrogant voices of Chen Yuxi’s fans filled the air even more.

“Everyone could see that Fang Jiayin’s car had already made a turn in the midst of a large mob of Chen Yuxi’s fans who were blocking the road.

“But so what? The fans were fiercely protective of Chen Yuxi. Even the person-in-charge of the theatre would rather side with the fans than offend them. All these, in the hope that Fang Jiayin’s car would make way for Chen Yuxi.

“Exactly. That Fang Jiayin was merely a musician with only a handful of fans. Even if her performance is canceled, it would still be a far cry from Chen Yuxi’s.

“She had just returned from overseas and if she had given way to Chen Yuxi today, how will she be able to ride-out in future.