Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Carry On Being Prideful

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The driver and his passengers from the car beside Yan Rusheng’s own stepped out and started to join in the commotion and chatted excitedly about the situation.

Yan Rusheng overheard their conversation and his eyes flickered.

“One day, I finally came to this realization. I’m outstanding and I have my pride. So why do I still want to stay with a man whose heart was with another woman?”

He then thought,“Fang Jiayin, perhaps the only compensation I can give you is to let you carry on being prideful.”

He lifted his head, opened the car door and got down.

The moment Yan Rusheng stepped out of the car and let his presence be known to everyone around, it’s as if the sun became even more dazzling.

He strode towards the crowd with long, confident strides. His aura began to radiate so brightly.

“It’s the Third Young Master from the Yan family.”

“It’s him, Flourish & Prosper’s President.”

“Wow, he must be here to support Yuxi.”

Everyone’s attention started to divert to him instead. The crowd in front immediately stepped aside to draw a path for him to walk on without any obstacles.

He began to get a clear understanding of the situation; two cars were stopped at the carpark entrance of the Capital City Musical Theater. The white car had already turned direction and the dark gray Mercedes seemed to have sped and rubbed against the white car’s side mirror.

But the owners of the two cars didn’t step down. Only a well-dressed young man was relaying information to the traffic police and the theater’s person-in-charge.

“Miss Fang, please cooperate and step out of the car.”

A traffic police officer stood beside the white car’s passenger seat. He was peering inside as if he was talking directly to a person. His voice was booming and rigid as if he was of the military force.

A woman’s voice spoke from inside the car. “I changed direction correctly without flouting any traffic rules.”

Although she sounded rather impatient and enraged, she didn’t raise her voice at all. It had fully exhibited her excellent upbringing and character.

It was Fang Jiayin!

“Miss Fang, regardless of who is in the wrong, shouldn’t you come out to settle it personally?” Another police officer walked to the side of her car and his eyebrows were knitted tightly together. He spoke rather impatiently, “Miss Yuxi’s manager had already agreed to follow us to the police station regarding this incident.”

Go to the traffic police department? If she made a trip to the police station, she would have missed her musical entirely.

Siding with the rich and powerful was common in the society. And upon recalling this, Yan Rusheng’s lips twitched coldly.

“The cause of this minor accident is so apparent and yet it had caused such major traffic congestion. I’m amazed by the capability of the police force.”

Yan Rusheng’s sarcastic remarks sounded as clear as a bell in the crowd. One could even hear the authority and dominance in his voice.

His aura along with his words seemed to spread among the crowd.

His voice also seemed to have stopped the commotion for a brief moment as everyone’s eyes turned to his sound.

But it was only short-lived, for the crowd stirred up a commotion once more.

“Oh my god, it’s Third Young Master from the Yan family.”

“It’s him! Why would he be here?”

“Take a picture of him! He used to date lots of popular celebrities and I’m sure he is here to support Yuxi.”

If his history was to be taken into consideration, everyone would be quick to assume that the Scion was here to support Yuxi.

The heated discussion continued but Yan Rusheng let it pass his ears. He strolled towards the two cars.

No one among the security or the police force dared to stop him. They all knew who he was and what his social standing was.

Even the traffic police officer, who earlier on spoke rather impatiently to the owner of the white car, had put on a smile. He seemed considerably friendlier and more polite.