Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 360

Chapter 360 I Was On The Way To Meet Her

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The police officer turned and nodded at Yan Rusheng politely. “Third Master, the car owners are both well-known people so it can be a little tricky. Hence, it has caused a traffic jam. We’re trying our best to settle this as fast as possible.”

“Ah Sheng.” A tall, svelte lady stepped out from the white car and looked at Yan Rusheng with her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Jiayin.” Yan Rusheng didn’t respond to the traffic police officer, instead, he smiled warmly at Fang Jiayin who had just gotten down from the car. He looked at her and asked with a frown, “I thought your musical is starting at 7 p.m.? Was I too early?”

He didn’t raise his voice but his words were being communicated from the front to the back of the crowd.

Everyone realized that the Third Young Master wasn’t here to support the popular celebrity Yuxi. Instead, he was here for the relatively unknown musician who had just come back from abroad.

Yuxi’s fans were disappointed.

Fang Jiayin smiled awkwardly. “There was a minor collision as you can see.”

Yan Rusheng hummed in response and nodded. He was about to respond when Yuxi’s manager walked up to him and smiled brightly. “Hi, Third Young Master.”

Yan Rusheng took advantage of his height and peered slightly downwards at him. He said with arrogance coating his voice, “Do I know you?”

The manager snorted loudly.

A mere sentence from Yan Rusheng and Yuxi’s manager was utterly embarrassed. And in the whole duration that he stood there, an awkward expression was etched on his face.

Everyone who overheard them gasped with shock.

The Third Young Master was well-known for being arrogant, aloof and condescending, and by some grace, everyone had the opportunity to witness it for themselves.

“This” Yan Rusheng glanced at the police officer before pointing at the angle where the two cars had collided. “I’m sure I don’t need to enlighten you if it’s really that tricky to settle it?” scoffed Yan Rusheng in a derisively manner.

The traffic police officer shook his head profusely. “There isn’t a need.”

How would he have the guts to side with Chen Yuxi regardless of her fame or how established her company was? The backer of the other party was the President of Flourish & Prosper, Third Young Master of the prominent Yan family. He would be a fool to offend him.

And most importantly, there wasn’t anything tricky about this collision. It was clear who the culprit was.

Yan Rusheng ignored the traffic police officer and turned to Fang Jiayin. “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Fang Jiayin nodded. She could hardly contain the joy and excitement in her voice.

She walked to Yan Rusheng and she couldn’t help but recall about their wonderful memories as she stood beside him.

She reminisced about how they had walked on the familiar paths in the campus through several seasons together.

A strong breeze pulled her back from the happy memories to the present. She looked at Yan Rusheng and asked softly, “Xuxu isn’t with you?”

“I was on the way to meet her but the roads were blocked.”

He wasn’t here to attend her concert.

Fang Jiayin understood him and a streak of disappointment flashed past her eyes. “Oh.”

She turned around and looked at the stretch of the road which was being congested. The traffic police had begun to disperse the crowd. “I reckon the roads would clear up soon.”

Yan Rusheng said in a hushed tone, “Since I’m here, I’ll go in for a short while.”

Was he planning to attend her concert?

Even though she knew that he had said this just so she could still preserve her pride in front of all the inquisitive onlookers, she was beyond grateful and happy that he was willing to help her.

Fang Jiayin lowered her head and suppressed the burgeoning emotions in her. “Thank you.”

Both of them didn’t speak a word as they walked towards the entrance of the theater.

Yan Rusheng trailed after Fang Jiayin as they head towards the theater hall.