Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 361

Chapter 361 It's A Pretense

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Due to Yan Rusheng’s presence, the person-in-charge and the theater staff were all very cooperative and did their best to prepare for Fang Jiayin’s performance.

He sat at the first row along with a few famous violinists from abroad.

Fang Jiayin was already up on the stage donned in her long, red gown. The lights shone on her, illuminating her very presence on the stage. She closed her eyes, completely immersed in her craft.

Even the audience was immersed in her performance as well.

Only the sound of her enchanting music echoed throughout the theater hall.

‘Ah Sheng, did I improve as compared to the previous time?’


‘Ah Sheng, did I play well?’


As these flashbacks popped into the front of his mind, he didn’t seem to have seriously listened or admired the way she played the violin.

He only assumed that he should love everything thatsheloves. So it was only appropriate for him to be interested in her music as well.

He started comparing the differences between accompanying Fang Jiayin, while she played the violin, with accompanying Wen Xuxu, as she watched her boring and childish dramas. Even though he had no interest in both, the feelings he had while doing both were different.

If it’s a pretense when he feigned interest in her music, then what about his love for her?

They were so intimate when they were still together, and her confession always had his heart racing wild. On top of that, they had given each other their very firsts.

How should he explain this?

And yet, he was so certain of his feelings for Xuxushe was irreplaceable. If that was the case, then he shouldn’t have some more lingering feelings for Fang Jiayin.

But he still couldn’t forget the first night they shared together.

Was this the magic of the unforgettable first time?

“Thank you, everyone.”

Fang Jiayin finished her performance and bowed to the audience.

The entire hall and the stage became brightly lit.

Yan Rusheng snapped out of his reverie and glanced at his watchit was almost 9 in the evening. He then whipped out his phone in a hasty manner.

The disappointment was evident on his face when there wasn’t any texts or missed calls.

He inwardly berated Wen Xuxu. Stupid woman, can’t she give him a call if she didn’t see him? He quickly sent a text.

‘Xuxu, it’s getting late. Go home first.’

“I was just informed by the staff that they have invited the children from the school that I’ve volunteered at previously. I’m really overjoyed to hear this.”

Fang Jiayin choked with emotion on stage.

Yan Rusheng glanced at the stage as a knot of children, who were dressed in a rather shabby attires, walked to the platform from the backstage. They were also accompanied by a lady.

He glanced at the children who were all tanned and were of different ages. Pairs of bright black eyes stared at the audience timidly.

It made one’s heart ache.

The children rushed towards Fang Jiayin when they saw her.

“Teacher Fang.”

Fang Jiayin knelt down and embraced them with joy.

When Yan Rusheng saw that scene unfold in front of him, he smiled as it reminded him of Xuxu and how she had treated the children at the orphanage.

Although Xuxu’s care for the children seemed more sincere and genuine, it was undeniable that Fang Jiayin was too. But if one was to look closer, Xuxu had a strong motherly instinct when it comes to the kids.

As he thought of Wen Xuxu again, he took a glimpse of his cell phone. There was still no reply from her.

She must be having a good time with that little lass, and with that he became restless.

The children on stage were singing a song to thank Fang Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin’s couldn’t help it, her eyes were starting to glisten with tears.

After the performance ended, Yan Rusheng went to the backstage to bid Fang Jiayin goodbye.