Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 364

Chapter 364 How Could He Do That To You?

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“Err.” Xuxu couldn’t speak at all and all she could do was to shake her head profusely. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Wen Xuxu, I doubt you will cherish my heart even if I give it to you.” There was an abnormal calmness in Yan Rusheng’s voice.

As his words washed over her, Xuxu’s tears began rolling down from her eyes. She felt helpless as she looked at Yan Rusheng’s face.

She realized that she could see sorrow and sadness in his eyes?

She stared blankly at him in disbelief. Was it another illusion?

Yan Rusheng relinquished his grip on her face. He grabbed her arm and shoved her aside.

“Since you don’t want kids, I won’t touch you anymore.”

After he had spoken what he had to say, he wrenched the door open and left in a huff.

“Ah Sheng, I didn’t say I don’t want our children.” Xuxu bawled as she leaned against the wall and slumped to the floor slowly.

“Ah Sheng, I really wanted to have children with you. And I’ve really tried so hard.”

She covered her face with her hands and wept loudly.

Since you don’t want kids, I won’t touch you anymore

No, please don’t.

Yan Rusheng’s words echoed once more and Xuxu shook her head in despair. She rose and left the room.

She opened the study’s room, but there wasn’t any sight of him.

She quickened her steps towards the stairs.

Aunt Zhang saw her and asked, “Miss, are you alright?”

“Where is Ah Sheng?” Xuxu stopped and asked her in a hurry.

Aunt Zhang knew that she used to address Yan Rusheng as ‘Ah Sheng’ but she hasn’t done so in recent years. Aunt Zhang paused for a moment before answering her. “You mean Third Young Master? He just left.”

She noticed Xuxu’s face which was filled with tears and asked. “Did the both of you quarrel again?”

“No wonder Third Young Master had left with such an angry expression.”She thought to herself.

“Ah Sheng.” Xuxu didn’t reply Aunt Zhang as she scurried down the stairs and dashed out of the door.

But Yan Rusheng had already driven off.

She didn’t hesitate and bolted back to the bedroom to get her phone. She tried calling Yan Rusheng though she didn’t expect him to pick up. And indeed, he didn’t.

There were two missed calls; it was from Jiang Zhuoheng and Zhou Shuang. And there was a text from Jiang Zhuoheng.

It was the text that Yan Rusheng had read earlier on. But she didn’t have the mood to read the text now

She texted Yan Rusheng with her trembling hands.

‘Ah Sheng, please come back will you?’

She doesn’t care about her pride anymore.

After her text was sent, her phone rang. Xuxu glanced eagerly at the screen. But it was Zhou Shuang.

Disappointed, she picked up the call and answered with a choked voice. “Shuang, I’m a little busy now. Can we talk next time?”

“I knew you would definitely be affected.” Zhou Shuang quipped angrily even though she wasn’t aware of the situation. “Yan Rusheng is a jerk! How could he do that to you?”

Xuxu was rather startled as she questioned her. “You knew?”

She had just fought with Yan Rusheng, why would Zhou Shuang be aware?

Even if Yan Rusheng had gone to Lu Yinan, the news wouldn’t have spread so fast to reach Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang said, “Their news is everywhere online. How could I not know?”

Xuxu was puzzled. “Online? They?”

What was that supposed to mean?

Zhou Shuang was baffled when she realized that Xuxu had no inkling of what had happened. “What? Didn’t you cry because you saw the news of Yan Rusheng and Fang Jiayin? I called and asked Lu Yinan. He said that the woman was Yan Rusheng’s girlfriend back in university right?”