Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Hurry Up And Go Home

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Fang Jiayin! News?

“Shuang, I need to hang up now.”

She said goodbye to Zhou Shuang in a haste and hung up. Xuxu clicked on an online website and a news article about a collision that happened outside the Capital City Musical Theater was on the front page.

‘With Third Master as her backer, musician triumphs reigning goddess.’

She took a deep breath to prepare herself mentally when she saw the headlines. She clicked to read the contents of the article.

The gist of the article depicted how Fang Jiayin’s car had collided with Chen Yuxi’s car outside the Capital City Musical Theater’s carpark. The traffic police and the theater’s person-in-charge had initially sided with Chen Yuxi, but Third Young Master came out of nowhere to support the musician who came back from overseas and gloriously defeated the reigning goddess and the rest.

Then Yan Rusheng attended Fang Jiayin’s musical and left only after it had ended.

So he went to Fang Jiayin’s musical. That was why he didn’t manage to meet her and Huanhuan.

So this was the real reason

She had waited at Kentucky’s for him and didn’t dare to call him as she thought that he might still be busy.

She should have guessed that he would never go to such places.

Nonetheless, she was still hoping that he would really appear and kept waiting for him.

Her phone slipped from her hands and fell to the ground. She ignored it and her knees gave way as she collapsed next to the sofa.

‘What’s so good about a musical? If you like it, I can play the piano at home for you.’

‘I really didn’t know why there were the tickets in my pocket’

“Ah Sheng, in that case, why did you try to change our relationship?”she pondered.

“Didn’t we get along fine previously?”

He didn’t need to lie to her if he didn’t intend to change. To sustain this marriage, she would continue to stay by him just like how she did before.

Then she wouldn’t harbor any expectations or hope!

Xuxu clutched her chest and it felt painful to just to breathe. It was as if thousands of arrows had just pierced through her heart.

Two gorgeous men sat in the middle of a noisy bar and naturally they stood out amongst the crowd.

Countless ladies kept trying to strike a conversation with them but they immediately retreated when they realized who they were.

These two men were simply out of their league and way too dangerous.

Lu Yinan didn’t really enjoy such public places where people could openly gawk at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” He snatched the glass from Yan Rusheng as he furrowed his eyebrows. He chided him softly, “Yan Rusheng, you have gone overboard this time. Look at the news of you and Fang Jiayin. Quoting Yishan’s words, the scene is exactly what would have happened in those idol dramas or romance novels. And it usually happens to the main male and female leads.”

Furthermore, shouldn’t he be at home trying to coax his wife instead of drinking at a pub?

It seemed like he was the one who was feeling aggrieved instead.

“Shut up.” Yan Rusheng motioned at Lu Yinan to stop his lecture and warned him coldly. Then he began drinking once more.

Lu Yinan was about to snatch the glass away but Yan Rusheng had gulped the entire glass in seconds.

“I can shut up but can you stop drinking? Hurry up and go home.” Young Master Lu slid down from his seat as he grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arms and pulled him from his seat.

“Get lost.” Yan Rusheng shoved him away as he slumped back on his seat once more.

Lu Yinan felt helpless.

This guy had simply asked him out for a drink but refused to divulge anything at all.

Looking at the state that he was in, he must have quarreled with Wen Xuxu.

“Did you fight with Wen Xuxu?”

At the mention of Wen Xuxu’s name, Yan Rusheng’s heart tugged painfully. He remained mum and merely took another huge gulp.