Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Memories

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Yan Rusheng removed the ring and clenched it tightly.

“Wen Xuxu, what should I do with you?”

She hadn’t come back to her old apartment in months.

Xuxu sat cross-legged on the chair of the balcony. The vicinity was dim and she watched as the lights in the last few shops went out.

She slowly diverted her gaze and turned her head towards a red wooden box. The lock on the box seemed to be wrenched open with the lock hanging.

She took a plastic ring from the box and wore it on her finger. She stared at it for a while, and after some time, she removed it and placed it back inside the wooden box.

After which, she shut the lid of the box firmly, leaving the box in its original locked state.

She placed the box back on the table and sighed heavily.


Memories. Seemed like some things are meant to be part of her memories.

The next day dawned. The atmosphere around Flourish & Prosper seemed suffocating.

It was because Yan Rusheng, the overbearing President, had recently saved a damsel in distress. The news about it spread like wildfire.

And the President and the lady boss came to work separately.

To makes matters worse, they didn’t interact at all!

Both seemed to have transformed into workaholics all of a sudden. Separated by a wall, they buried themselves with work.

And coincidentally, both of them had chosen to ignore each other and thus started a silent war.

They maintained this state for more than half a month and everyone in the company, especially the employees in the President’s office, were all walking on broken glasseveryone was that tensed.

Xuxu always was always the first to clock out and leave. She’d drive the Audi Q7, which was given by Wang Daqin under the company’s name.

December rolled around the corner, and the trees were almost bare with just a few withered leaves hanging on for their dear lives against the bitter wind.

Sidewalks were filled with a thin layer of autumn frost.

But, it always melt away whenever the sun claims the high sky every morning.

The roads were always crazily congested in the morning, especially on Mondays.

Xuxu left the carpark of her apartment and stopped at a red light. She was coming to a halt behind another vehicle when her phone rang.

She glanced at the screen and it was from work. She put on her Bluetooth speakers to answer the call.

“Hello. Alright, let me check.”

Xuxu reached out to her side and took her bag that was lying on the empty passenger seat. She took out a document, and once she had found the contact number she was looking for she made a quick call.

“Please make sure that everything is arranged by today so that we can be in time for the Christmas event.”

“I’m driving now. I’ll call you back once I’m in the office.”

She then ended the call.

The traffic light had already turned green.

Oh dear, the car owner behind her must be swearing at her right now.

She was about to check her rearview mirror before advancing forward.


She barely had time to check the mirror when her car jerked violently forwardit made a loud bang.

He collided with the steering wheel as her car advanced with force. She was fortunate enough that she didn’t get flustered and stepped on the accelerator, instead she stepped on the breaks making her car stop.

She opened the door and got off the car.

“I will bang you to death, b*tch! The light has already turned green and you didn’t move off.”

Xuxu hadn’t even managed to straighten her back when she got down the car when a woman started yelling at her.

Initially, she was prepared to apologize to the car owner, but, the moment she heard the woman cussing at her she herself was overwhelmed with anger. She slammed the drivers’ seat door shut and stomped towards the woman.

The woman had already gotten off her car.

She was wearing a sapphire-blue shirt and looked like she was in her forties. She strained her eyes on Xuxu as she marched towards her.