Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 368

Chapter 368 In Two Hours' Time

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The rear of the car was dented and the exhaust pipe was damaged beyond repair.

The other party was a spacious BMW X series and the extent of the damage was also serious.

After assessing the condition of both vehicles, Xuxu looked at the owner of the BMW. “So did you crash into my car on purpose?”

Her tone was calm and devoid of emotion.

“Yes, a female driver with poor and reckless driving skills deserved to be hit,” ranted the owner of the BMW. “It’s the morning rush. Aren’t you asking for trouble when you decided to obstruct the road?”

The woman continued spewing out words, and she almost sounded like a man.

“I’m sorry. I was answering a call earlier,” Xuxu explained in a gentle tone, and offered a smile. She then swiftly changed the topic. “But you hit my car on purpose and because you were acting in a fit of pique, you’ll have to bear the responsibility.”

There was still a smile on her face but her tone was no longer gentle, and it carried a piercing chilliness.

As they were obstructing the main road, the traffic situation came to gridlock and the drivers behind them honked incessantly.

Without waiting for the arrogant BMW owner to speak, Xuxu added nonchalantly, “How about this, let us first each take some photos and then we shift our vehicles to the side of the road while waiting for the traffic police to arrive.”

Having said that, she returned to her car and swiftly took out her cell phone and took photographs of the current positions and the extent of the collision between the two cars.

After that, she walked towards the vehicles that were held up at the back and politely gestured an apology to them.

Without taking a second look at the BMW owner, Xuxu walked back to her car and moved her vehicle to the side of the road.

The owner of the BMW stood rooted on the same spot, fuming mad. She pointed to Xuxu’s car and hollered at it. But the drivers at the back stuck their head out and scolded her.

She had no choice but to move her car away.

Xuxu had just stopped her car by the road shoulder when the traffic police came. The BMW also drove to the side of the road slowly.

Once out of the car, the owner caught hold of the traffic police and defended herself in a fit.

Xuxu stood on the side. Without uttering a word, she waited patiently for the traffic police to interrogate her.

The traffic police examined both cars and requested for the collision photos from Xuxu.

“Alright, both of you please follow me to the traffic police department to settle this matter.”

After a brief interrogation, the traffic police instructed Xuxu and the BMW owner while keeping the recorded notes.

“My apologies officers, I have an important company meeting to attend.” Xuxu glanced at her watch. “I’ll go over there in two hours’ time.”

Hearing this, the BMW owner exclaimed in a sharp and mean tone, “That won’t do. I have the time now but two hours’ later, I’ll be busy.”

Ah, at the time of the accident, she ranted that she’s in a rush, yet now, she flipped her words.

She was obviously getting confrontational. Xuxu cast a sideward glance at her and retorted with a chilling tone, “You have no choice.”

After that, she nodded politely at the traffic police officer and without taking a second look at the BMW owner, she headed towards a bus stop.

And it wasn’t an ideal place to flag a cab.

“Third Young Master, isn’t that the Madam?” The chauffeur caught sight of Wen Xuxu who was attempting to flag for a cab by the road.

Yan Rusheng looked in the same direction as the driver. Indeed, Wen Xuxu was attempting to flag a cab.

She must have felt cold in her mid-length woolen jacket. She even wore the hoodie on.

There were a few people trying to flag a cab at the same place, but he spotted her with ease for Xuxu stood out the mosther dress was eye-catching.