Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 371

Chapter 371 My Pleasure

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Yan Rusheng didn’t give much thought and answered according to his impression of Chen Yuxi. “She doesn’t have a good image.”

Xuxu pursed her lips and suppressed her grievances but she found it hard to yield to him.

Refusing to take it lying down, she replied, “President, the VIP name list was already confirmed two months ago and you had also agreed and signed for it.”

Yan Rusheng furrowed his brows and raised his voice. “Now I want it to be changed.”

As Xuxu held her breath, her body trembled briefly. After recollecting herself, she suppressed the billows of bitterness, nodded at Yan Rusheng and replied calmly with an‘ok’.

After that, she stood up suddenly, swept her gaze across the conference room and added lightly, “Everyone, I have other matters to attend to and have to leave now. Regarding President Yan’s request about the change in VIP, I’ll leave it to the PR department to attend to it.”

Without casting a second look at Yan Rusheng’s expression, she grabbed her things and turned around to leave.

Yan Rusheng looked at the back view of the obstinate figure and flung his pen away in a fit of anger.

His good-looking face was shrouded with gloom.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was tensed beyond words and everyone could feel their hearts in their throats.

They were initially curious why President Yan decided to replace Chen Yuxi all of a sudden.

But after witnessing his argument with Wen Xuxu, everyone came to realize the root cause of their recent fall-out. Their boss was Fang Jiayin’s backer for the incident at the Capital City Musical Theatre.

The arrogant celebrity who scorned Miss Fang was none other than Chen Yuxi, the reigning goddess.

Now the scion was even biased and demanded to replace Chen Yuxi. If they were in the shoes of the lady boss, they would also be infuriated too.

Really! This was too much!

“Meeting adjourned.”

Yan Rusheng tugged at his collar in frustration. His towering frame suddenly stood up with a sheer force that it managed to topple the chair behind him.

Everyone shuddered and held their breath as they watched him leave the conference room.

When Yan Rusheng returned to his office, Wen Xuxu had already left.

Her desk was neat and tidy.

“After the meeting, I have to head out again. Please reschedule my morning tasks to the afternoon.”

He stopped in his steps when he reached Xuxu’s desk and recalled her earlier phone conversation, the one where she said that she needed to head out again after the meeting.

So, she wasn’t annoyed with him.

After settling the morning traffic incident, it was already lunch time when Xuxu stepped out of the traffic police department.

The outcome of this tussle was without a doubt, the fault of the BMW owner.

The investigations revealed that she had knocked Xuxu’s car on purpose.

Furthermore, Xuxu was the lady boss of Flourish & Prosper. So who would dare to hold her responsible for such trivial traffic dispute?

The automobile service shop towed her car away for repair and she headed to the road to flag for a cab.

Standing in the chilly wind, she wrapped her jacket tightly around her tiny frame, and her face turned red from the cold.

All of a sudden, the cell phone in her pocket rang.

She whipped it out and stole a glance at the screen. She was startled to see Charles name displayed on it.

Why was he calling her? Could it be due to work-related matters?

Xuxu answered the phone with misgivings. “Hello, Mr. Charles.”

“Oh, you have arrived in the capital city?”

“It would be my pleasure.”


While she was in the midst of her conversation with Charles, she managed to flag down a cab.

After she hung up, she instructed the driver, “Please proceed to the World Trade Center.”

The cab arrived at the capital city’s World Trade Center Lobby One passenger drop-off point.