Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 372

Chapter 372 He'll Be Overcome With Jealousy If I Take One More Look At You

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Xuxu paid her fare and alighted from the cab.

A foreign man, who was impeccably attired in Western clothes, stood at the entrance of lobby one and was looking around. When he caught sight of her, his good-looking face revealed a gentlemanly smile which was unique to the westerners.

He sauntered towards her with his long, winding legs.

“Xuxu, I haven’t seen you in a while and you are still as attractive.”

He stood in front of Xuxu as he showered her with praises. He extended his hand for a shake, being a gentleman and all.

“Mr. Charles, you flatter me.” Xuxu also smiled and extended her hand to return the gesture.

Charles examined Xuxu’s face and furrowed his brows all of a sudden. “But your face seems to look pale.”

Xuxu quipped, “I’m under too much work pressure, unlike Mr. Charles who’s so carefree.”

“A beautiful woman like you must know how to strike a balance between work and rest.” Charles grinned widely. His gentle voice sounded like a breath of spring wind which was pleasing to the ears.

Although his pair of blue eyes looked deep and distant, he was simple and didn’t make one feel that he’s an unpredictable person.

Whenever there’s a smile on his face, you’ll see his eyes smiling too. He’s just that genuine.

Xuxu had a thought. Being friends with such people would make one feel relaxed.

She chuckled. “Let’s go for dinner.” Xuxu stretched out her hand and gestured politely to Charles. “Please.’

Charles nodded his head. “Sure.”

Both of them chatted happily as they walked through the turnstile.

Charles had already reserved a private room in advance.

It was located on the highest floor and although the room wasn’t big, the view was excellent. Standing at the window, one could have a bird’s eye view of the capital city.

When the waitress brought them their freshly brewed tea, Charlesbeing corteous and gallant served the first cup to Xuxu.

Xuxu received the cup and replied, “Thank you.”

Charles chuckled. “I don’t have many friends in this country so I should be the one to thank you instead, for having dinner with me.”

“Regarding the previous matter, I’ve not had the chance to buy you a meal, so I’m grateful for this opportunity.” Xuxu raised her cup and smiled politely at Charles.

“Which matter?” Charles widened his eyes and looked at Xuxu in confusion. He picked up his cup and sipped his tea casually.

Xuxu replied, “For the collaboration between Flourish & Prosper and your esteemed company, I’m grateful for the honor and respect that you have given me.”

She knew that he had not taken the matter to heart. But if he had not given in magnanimously, the collaboration between Flourish & Prosper and Country Y would not have been successful.

She would also not be able to fulfill her promise to the Board of Directors.

Importantly, this collaboration had brought Flourish & Prosper to greater heights. This was grandmother’s wish.

Charles finally understood what Xuxu was driving at. “Regarding that matter, I was the presumptuous one.”

Xuxu chuckled and changed the subject. “How long will you be staying this time?”

“Are you willing to be my tour guide and show me around? I have a lot of time on my hands.” Charles shrugged his shoulders mischievously.

He paused for a moment. His mouth sunk and he shook his head. He sighed. “I think it’s impossible. Yan Rusheng is so narrow-minded and he will be overcome with jealousy if I take one more look at you.”

Indeed, interacting with such people made one felt at ease and relaxed.

“Mr. Charles, you are too humorous.” Xuxu had a good laugh. “There is still freedom in my life. We are friends and if I’m free, I’ll be most willing to be your guide. Even if I am occupied, I will definitely recommend a reliable tour guide to you.”

The dinner with Charles was pleasant and enjoyable.

When the stepped out of the entrance, Charles’s car had already arrived and his assistant opened the car door for him.