Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 373

Chapter 373 I'll Treat Everyone To Afternoon Tea

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Xuxu bade him farewell. “Bye.”

Charles nodded and added in an earnest tone. “I hope we will have another chance to have a meal together.”

He grinned as he continued, “It would be a good idea to ask Yan Rusheng to come along so that he won’t be jealous.”

Xuxu could only smile at him. She had a pleasant conversation with him and she didn’t want it to end on an unhappy note.

“Let me give you a lift.” Charles gestured towards his car and looked at Xuxu.

He remembered that she didn’t drive today so she would have to flag for a taxi.

“Thank you.” Xuxu thanked him first before declining his offer. “We are headed in opposite directions. I’ll get a taxi.”

Charles didn’t insist. “Then be careful on your way back. Have a good day.”

He waited for Xuxu to walk away before going on his way.

As she sat in the taxi, she looked past the window admiring the view. Even during winter, the capital city was still bustling and vibrant.

It wasn’t affected by the transition of seasons and certainly wasn’t affected by anyone’s mood.

In this world, no one would die without another.

Even though the inner world of a person might not be as vibrant as before or perhaps had turned dreary. But then, it shouldn’t affect his or her desire to keep living.

Just like her, she had wanted to strive for the best, to improve herself constantly.

Charles had said that a woman needs to strike a balance between work and rest, especially for a beautiful woman.

And he had twisted it by saying that a smart woman doesn’t need to prove her capability using her work performance. That would only mean that she had lacked confidence.

She had a hunch that Charles must have gotten wind of the situation between Yan Rusheng and her.

Even though they weren’t on the headlines, news articles of them online or in the newspapers could still be constantly seen.

Yan Rusheng and Fang Jiayin’s past relationship were being dug out by the media as well.

So it’s not surprising if Charles knew.

She didn’t even have time to meet Zhou Shuang recently. She just kept burying herself with work.

Her daily routine: head to work, work late and end work.

She didn’t relax or enjoy a meal outside of work. She assumed that she was leading an ordinary lifestyle right now as she could face him calmly every day.

But she knew in her heart that their relationship had not progressed. Neither did it went back to how it was in the past.

She was just deluding herself all along.

After a meal with Charles, her mood was lifted at least to an extent. It felt as if someone had parted the dark gloomy clouds away to allow the sunbeams to stream in.

A smart woman doesn’t need to prove her capability using her work performance. That would only mean that she had lacked confidence

She began to wonder if Charles had pondered earnestly regarding this advice.

“Sister Xuxu, the report you have instructed me to do yesterday is already completed. I’ve placed it on your desk.”

Wen Xuxu had barely sat down when her assistant came over.

As she unbuttoned the buttons on her coat, she smiled brightly at her. “Okay, thanks for working hard.”

Her female assistant was surprised when she saw the smile on her face.

She had started work almost a month ago and she had never seen Xuxu smile.

Her assistant was slightly overwhelmed and nodded. “This is what I’m supposed to do.”

“You may go.” Xuxu noticed her expression and she knew how everyone in the office was feeling jittery and suppressed recently.

Then she looked at the rest of them. “I’ll treat everyone to afternoon tea.”

Everyone started chattering and the mood was lifted in the office.

“That’s great! Sister Xuxu hasn’t given us a treat in a long time.”