Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Sister Xuxu's Treat

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“Yes, I agree. Let’s order from First Love later.”

“Sure.” Xuxu agreed readily. “Let’s get back to work now.”

She sat down and started working immediately.

During the tea break, everyone was really happy. The main reason wasn’t because of the treat but rather, the atmosphere was pleasant and enjoyable.

They had coffee, tea, pastries, and desserts.

“Hey, the strawberry flavor is for Sister Xuxu. You’re a guy! Why are you drinking it?”

A male colleague who was holding a cup of strawberry milkshake was stopped by the ladies.

Everyone started admonishing him.

Xuxu grinned. “Let him have it, I don’t want it.”

“Hi, President Yan.”

At this time, someone called a name that made everyone shivered in fear.

Everyone turned to peer outside simultaneously.

A towering figure, with a sinister aura surrounding him, walked towards them. It brought the atmosphere in the office back to a freezing point in a split second.

Some of them bowed their heads as they tried to sneak back to their work stations.

“President Yan, this strawberry milkshake is for you. It’s Sister Xuxu’s treat.”

A young female colleague who had snatched the strawberry milkshake away suddenly mustered all her courage and presented it to Yan Rusheng.

All of them took a deep breath collectively.

And they were silently awestruck by her bravery.

Even Xuxu was in awe. Her mouth twitched involuntarily.

That female colleague was the most talkative and lively among all of them in the President’s office. They didn’t expect her to be so fearless too.

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps and turned around, without much enthusiasm, to look at her.

Everyone held their breath anxiously.

“It’s okay.”

However, Yan Rusheng simply declined her offer and continued walking away.

Only after he entered his office, did everyone breathe normally again.

Everyone turned to gape at the female colleague who had offered him the milkshake.

“Wang Xiaoya, you are really fearless.”

“You almost scared the shit out of me.”

Wang Xiaoya lifted her chin smugly and glanced at Xuxu. She grinned cheekily. “Look! If President Yan knew that Sister Xuxu had given us a treat, he wouldn’t lose his temper at us.”

“Oh so you’re using Sister Xuxu as your shield.”

“But I reckon you’re right. With President Yan’s mood lately, he would have definitely flared up if he saw us enjoying ourselves in the office. However, he just walked away without lecturing us.”

All of them were engaged in their conversation, and Xuxu simply listened to them.

She could only smile hearing their conversation.

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. But it doesn’t necessarily apply to everything.

Yan Rusheng was looking past his office window on his break, it was already getting dark. He rose from where he was sitting, took his cup, and walked over to the water dispenser. He was massaging his temples as he walked.

He filled the cup and then stood by the French windows. He stared into the distance blankly the city’s lights were reflected in his deep eyes.

But his mind was swirling with images of Xuxu’s serene face.

His phone interrupted the silence and broke his train of thoughts.

He walked across the room, back to his desk. When he saw Ming Ansheng’s name displayed on the screen, he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to meet them tonight.

He placed the cup that he was holding on the table and answered the call.

“Third Yan, what time are you going to arrive? Everyone is waiting for you.”

Ming Ansheng’s voice was full of urgency and impatience.

“On my way.” Yan Rusheng replied.