Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 375

Chapter 375 She Didnt Want To Have Two Accidents In A Day

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He hung up and dialed his chauffeurs number and said, "Im ready to leave now."

He marched across the room.

He opened the door and as usual, the first thing he looked at was Xuxus desk.

Judging from how clean and tidy her desk was, she had already left.

Xuxu often times stayed longer in the office than him, but today was different, it was as if the tables have turned.

Every time he would step out of his office, he would briefly glance at Xuxu as she worked quietly in her desk, and somehow it had become his daily habit.

But this time, since Xuxu was already out and about, his heart felt like there was a gaping hole in itsomething was really missing.

"President Yan, Young Madams car had a collision with another car this morning."

Yan Rusheng had barely taken his seat when his chauffeur spilled the information about Xuxu. He turned to the man, feeling all anxious as he fastened his seatbelt. "How was she?"

He suddenly recalled seeing Xuxu with a bump on her forehead this morning.

The bump must be due to the collision this morning.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

The chauffeur shook his head in response. "Young Madam is fine. The collision happened before we met her this morning."

"Got it." Yan Rusheng answered in a breeze.

After fastening his seatbelt, he leaned back and gazed out of the car window.

"Wen Xuxu, what must happen to you in order for you to realize that you need me?"

Would she ever need him in this lifetime?

"Today must be such an exceptional day for you to ask me out for dinner and shopping. What are you up to?"

Zhou Shuang bombarded Xuxu with questions as she drove. She couldnt understand why Xuxu asked her out for dinner all of a sudden.

To put it simply, she was extremely flattered by her initiative.

Because for nearly a month, she had called her for at least ten times asking her to go out for dinner. And yet Xuxu would reject her every single time, using work as an excuse even.

It then came to a point that she gave up.

But to her pleasant surprise, Xuxu finally called her. Was this girl even trying to play a game with her?

Xuxu frowned and pretended to be hurt by her words. "So Im the kind of friend who is simply using you?"

Zhou Shuang smacked her head when she heard her. She gnashed her teeth and replied, "Shouldnt you search your soul first? There must be a reason why I would think in this way."

Xuxu grinned. "Alright, Ive neglected my beloved concubine due to work recently."

"Wen Xuxu, are you feeling unwell?" Zhou Shuang feigned a look of terror upon her face as she glanced at Xuxu. "Or did your brain sustain an injury?"

She stretched her hands towards Xuxus forehead.

Xuxu shoved her hand away. "Youre the one who is unwell. I was afraid that my frequent rejections would have affected you and you might do something silly."

Zhou Shuang clicked her tongue. She didnt believe her at all. "Only a fool would believe you. Something must have happened."

Xuxu just smiled.

What happened? Actually, nothing did. She was just merely moving on from an unhappy stuff.

The car weaved in and out of the traffic and Xuxu leaned against her seat.

Only when she finally stopped to take a breather, did she realize how tired she wasboth physically and mentally.

Zhou Shuangs phone kept beeping with several text notifications.

She had one hand holding the steering wheel; while the other hand was holding her phone. When Xuxu saw her trying to reply to the texts, she couldnt hold back any longer. "Hey! Can you please be careful?"

The traffic jam was really horrible and all the cars were very close to each other. If they werent careful, they would bump into another car easily.

This morning she had just gotten into an accident, and although she wasnt injured, she was traumatized by it.

She didnt want to have two accidents in a day.