Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Lets Go Somewhere Else Instead

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Zhou Shuang glanced at her, looking quite offended. Look at how apprehensive you are. Dont you trust my driving skills?

Without waiting for Xuxu to reply, she made a sharp turn and then she stepped on the accelerator. Their car squeezed in between a white car and a bus.

Then she used the same way to overtake a few more vehicles in front of them.

This crazy woman!

Xuxu gripped the safety handle for her dear life. She threw some death glares at Zhou Shuang who seemed to be enjoying herself. Are you seeking death? Stop fooling around!

Zhou Shuang glanced at Xuxu, raised an eyebrow, and then shot her a mischievous grin. It has been a while since Ive last practiced. And finally today, it got exciting.

In the midst of her words, she changed direction once more.

There was a loud engine sound as her Land Rover expertly weaved in and out of the traffic.

It frightened the traffic police who were patrolling the road.

Hurry, there is a Land Rover with the car plate number XXXX speeding dangerously. Please get ready to stop the car.

Roger that.

A traffic police officer on standby received the urgent message. Just after he dropped the call, he saw the Land Rover drive past him in a flash.

He was stunned for a second but managed to snap to his senses quickly afterward. He relayed the current situation to his fellow officers at the next junction.

The white Land Rover with the car plate number XXXX, please pull over.

When Xuxu heard the police siren blasting from behind them, she was overcome with worry that Zhou Shuangs license may be revoked by the authorities. She could also hear a voice being amplified using a megaphone.

Despite the windows being closed, she could hear everything clearly.

White Land Rover with the car plate number XXXX?

She widened her eyes in shock as she stared at Zhou Shuang. A white Land Rover, wasnt that their car?

She quickly turned her head to look behind them, sure enough there was a traffic police officer mounted on a motorbike. He was trailing them closely and was loudly hollering at them.

Stop the carnow. We have set up a roadblock ahead, you cant escape.

You cant escape

Why does it sound like they were chasing criminals?

The corners of Xuxus mouth began to twitch involuntarily. Her hands held tightly to the safety handle.

She glanced at Zhuo Shuang again, and thats when she realized that the woman may have entered a frenzied state. When Zhuo Shuang heard the siren and the traffic officers warning, her eyes lit up with a rather perverted streak of excitement.

It seemed extremely exciting to her.

Watch me closely as I overtake everyone else. Zhou Shuang winked cheekily at Xuxu with a playful grin. Then she turned on the radio. Let me play some exciting music.

Xuxu was speechless

This woman had gone mad, and tonight, they probably have to go to the traffic police department.

Or they might end up at the police station.

Take note of others safety and properties!

She knew she couldnt stop her, hence she had to resort to reminding her about everyones safetyincluding theirs.

Anyway, they had already challenged the law enforcers and the traffic rules. It doesnt make any more difference whether they stopped now or in another section of the road.

Lets go somewhere else instead.

They reached an intersection and Zhou Shuang quickly swerved direction. They exited the main road and continued speeding on a slightly less congested road.

Xuxus heart was in her mouth and she felt that she couldnt keep up with her speed.

The traffic police officers were following them relentlessly.

And they kept yelling at them to stop.

Oops. Seems like the excitement is ending.

Zhuo Shuang could see roadblocks being erected from afar. There were also lights to signal them to stop, and of course, she began to slow down.

She halted to a stop when she reached two meters away from the roadblock.

The police officer who was following them finally caught up.

He stopped and removed his helmet. He pounded a few times on Zhou Shuangs car window.