Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Why Is This Fellow Here?

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After recording a brief statement, he stood up and looked at Wen Xuxu and Zhou Shuang.

“Please give a call to your family members to come over.”

His tone was firm.

Hearing this, Zhou Shuang nudged Xuxu’s arm with her elbow and whispered, “You make the call. My parents are overseas and if they find out that I’m in the police station, I’m finished.”

She would definitely be forced to leave the country and chances of her returning would be slim.

Xuxu frowned. “Who should I call?”

This question was,whichfamily member should she call?

Zhou Shuang answered instantly. “Yan Rusheng.”

Xuxu shook her head. “I’m not calling.”

Knowing that both of them were still having a silent war, Zhou Shuang didn’t insist further for her to call Yan Rusheng. “Then you’ll have to contact your grandfather.”

Xuxu’s mouth involuntary twitched. She turned her head towards the woman next to her. She gnashed her teeth and then lashed out at her, “You are insane. My grandfather is already past eighty years old.”

If she were to call him in the middle of the night and informed him that she’s in the police station, he would be so panic-stricken that his blood pressure may rise. So how could she have the heart to ask him to come and bail her out?

Even if she had to be detained for fifteen days, she also shouldn’t call and cause the old man alarm.

Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes. “I am just saying.”

How would she dare to request for an elder to come? If something were to happen to him, she would live in guilt forever.

After deliberating for a while, she added, “How about giving a call to Jiang Zhuoheng?”

“Cannot.” Xuxu shook her head once more.

She didn’t want to bother him every time she got into trouble.

Zhou Shuang snorted coldly. She raised her chin haughtily. “Then we shall spend our time here since we have yet to sleep in a detention cell.”

It really didn’t matter to her.

As long as her parents didn’t find out about this matter.

But it’s another story for Xuxu. She had to go to work and there were many matters to take care of in the office. Furthermore, she was married and if she spent the night outside, people would start searching for her.

Even if it wasn’t Yan Rusheng, Aunt Zhang and the butlers would be anxious too.

What should she do now? Who should she call?

“You, come over for a moment.”

The police officer, who was sitting in front of the computer checking on the list of wanted criminals in the country by the name of‘Wen Xuxu’,suddenly waved at the other police officer who recorded Xuxu’s statement. There was an unusual look on his face.

The police officer who recorded the statement felt nervous as he looked at the unusual expression on his colleague’s face and swiftly went over. “What happened?”

“Look at this. Is it her?” The officer who was checking on the information pointed at the computer screen and then pointed at Xuxu.

His colleaguet stared at the computer screen and then took a look at Xuxu. He was visibly startled. “Oh! They look alike.”

“Quickly give a call to the chief.”

Xuxu was fretting over who she should call to bail her out and didn’t pay attention to what the officers were fussing about.

With a worried frown, she lowered her head.

After a while, she sensed that something was amiss. She then raised her head and looked in all directions.

She was confused as to why no one have come and urged them to make their phone calls.

She turned and looked at Zhou Shuang and her face instantly turned darker than the bottom of an overused saucepan.

Zhou Shuang was seated on an uncomfortable chair in the police station. With her head raised, mouth opened and eyes closed, she was breathing calmly.

She had fallen asleep!

Was she a pig? How could she possibly fall asleep in such a circumstance?

“Third Master, where is Third Madam Yan?”

Third Master?

Xuxu froze when she heard this appellation and footsteps were heard coming from behind.

Oh no, why is this man here?