Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Fined 2000 Yuan

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She lowered her head and squeezed her eyes shut. She clenched her fists nervously and her palms were covered with cold sweat.

“Wen Xuxu?”

A lovely resonant voice could be heard coming from behind her.

But somehow the voice trembled slightly as if it was trying to conceal some emotions.

Xuxu mustered all of her courage and looked up at the man who now stood in front of her. His narrow eyes were filled with fury.

She broke out in cold sweat but after recollecting herself, she opened her mouth and called out faintly, “President Yan.”

She tried her utmost best not to cut a sorry figure for herself.

“I heard that you were speeding on a congested road?” questioned Yan Rusheng as he furrowed his brows. Slowly, he shifted his gaze to Zhou Shuang.

The fury in his eyes was even more glaring.

Zhou Shuang was awakened by the voice of the police officer, and at the same time, Yan Rusheng walked in.

She knew at this moment, she had to brace herself up and be fully prepared to face Yan Rusheng’s tyrannic nature. She was fully aware that she had no choice but to submit to him.

This also meant that she had to tear down her pride and show her obsequiousness.

Miss Zhou, a lady who was able to give and take, haggled with herself and grinned at Yan Rusheng. “Yan Rusheng, let me explain. We were rushing to the hospital because my grandaunt had a sudden heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. The traffic police had misunderstood us.”

But the truth was, she didn’t have a grandaunt, to begin with.

After she finished explaining, she held back her smile and pulled the most innocent look at the uniformed police officer standing next to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng also turned to the police officer and offered him a cold, faint smile.”Chief Wang, you heard her. This is an exceptional situation.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Chief Wang nodded repeatedly, after which he stopped, there was a look of awkwardness painted on his face. “But”

Knowing what was on his mind, Yan Rusheng interrupted and nonchalantly said, “I know. Just do what you need to do.”

He wasn’t afraid of putting Chief Wang in a difficult position. He just felt that he needed to teach this dumb woman a lesson for failing to treasure her life.

He didn’t want her to be let off so easily. Otherwise, she wouldn’t learn her lesson.

Chief Wang was extremely gratified. “Third Master is a highly principled man.”

He had to give a face to Yan Rusheng, but he also needed to do the necessary.

Yan Rusheng smiled lightly and lowered his gaze down to look at Xuxu.

But Xuxu looked down and didn’t want to make any eye contact with him.

She knew that he must be gloating at her misfortune. But she also wanted to leave this place badly. So if she continued to behave pridefully, then she would be a pretentious bit*ch.

For the penalty, Zhou Shuang was given twenty demerit points and fined 2000 yuan. She was also required to swear an oath before the national emblem and vow to abide by the traffic rules in the future.

These were supposed to be handled by the traffic police department but instead they went through with the formalities.

“Yan Rusheng, thank you very much.”

Once they stepped out of the police station, Zhou Shuang thanked Yan Rusheng with a smile but there wasn’t a hint of sincerity in her tone.

Yan Rusheng placed both his hands into his pockets and clenched his fists tightly.

He clearly knew that it was the idea of this female hooligan to speed. Wen Xuxu would never be involved in such irresponsible acts.

Zhou Shuang pretended to not notice that Yan Rusheng’s good-looking face had turned cold. She rubbed her tummy nonchalantly and groaned, “I’m so hungry.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

She had given so much trouble to the country’s government officials in just one night and had also made a trip to the police station. Yet, she still had the cheek to care about her tummy.

Just like how she sat sleeping at the police station earlier.