Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Mu Li Was On The Line

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Really had no idea what was on her mind.

No one paid attention to her but Zhou Shuang didn’t allow the awkward silence to affect her. She looked at Yan Rusheng curiously. “Yan Rusheng, how did you find out that your wife was in the police station?”

Xuxu gave a look of disdain to Zhou Shuang who had been mumbling to herself all these while. She was really astounded with this girl.

Couldn’t she sense that he didn’t want to talk to her?

This woman.Didn’t she have the slightest self-awareness?

Zhou Shuang clicked her tongue, she was obviously unhappy with Yan Rusheng’s attitude and said coldly, “Why are you putting up a pretense? No matter how pretentious you are, you still came in the end.”

Finally, Yan Rusheng could bear it no longer and halted his steps. He gave a sharp glare at Zhou Shuang who kept jabbering on and on.

His narrow eyes were burning with fury as he continued glaring at her. “Shut up!”

If Wen Xuxu had met with a mishap today, even if Zhou Shuang were to perish with her, he still wouldn’t let her off.

Yet, here she was, she still had the audacity to irritate him.

The egoistic Zhou Shuang didn’t allow Yan Rusheng’s remarks to hurt her, or rather, she wasn’t in the least affected by it.

She stopped talking to him, moved over to Xuxu’s side and whispered in her ears, “Look, it’s not that he doesn’t care. He was actually concerned about you.”

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and was speechless.

How could she tell that he was concerned about her?

Just because he came and bailed her out? Even if that’s the case, it was his dutythey arestillhusband and wife.

If the news of Yan Rusheng’s lawful wife being detained at the police station leaked out, how could he walk with his head held high again?

“I just can’t understand you.” Zhou Shuang looked at Yan Rusheng, who had walked further and further away from them and sighed. “You said that you won’t divorce him. This means that you will stay with him forever. But do you intend to spend your life with him in this manner?”

She turned and took a glance at Xuxu and paused for a moment. Then she went back to being cheerful again. “If I was in your shoes, either I leave or I’ll think through with how to make him fall in love with me.”

Xuxu merely smiled at the indisputable truth which she had said.

If it’s Zhou Shuang, she is certain that she she would do that.

But she wasn’t Zhou Shuang and Zhou Shuang wasn’t her either.

She remained silent and Zhou Shuang didn’t continue talking as well.

She parted ways with Zhou Shuang at the entrance of the police station. The had initially planned to have a feast followed by shopping. But it was already the middle of the night and her stomach was still empty.

She saw Zhou Shuang boarded a taxi and before Xuxu could retract her gaze, Yan Rusheng’s hand grabbed hold of her arm all of a sudden and he used the other hand to open the passenger seat door. “Get in.”

After Xuxu got into the car, Yan Rusheng released his grip and closed the door. He then walked over to the driver’s seat.

Once he was in the car, he started the engine while putting on the seatbelt.

Throughout the journey, neither of them talked and the atmosphere inside the car was as cold as ice.

When they reached home, they entered the main door one after another.

“Second Madam, please wait a moment. Third Young Master and Madam are back.”

“Third Young Master, Madam is on the line.”

Yan Rusheng walked over to take the call. “Hello.”

“No, just got home.”

“Wen Xuxu”

Xuxu had just changed into her slippers when she heard her name being mentioned in the phone conversation between Yan Rusheng and Mu Li.

She got anxious immediately. Was this fellow intending to tell Aunt Mu Li about her night at the police station?

As she mulled over this, she looked at Yan Rusheng with pleading eyes, begging him not to reveal tonight’s matter to Mu Li.