Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 381

Chapter 381 You Don't Have To Worry About Us

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Ha, was she begging him?

Yan Rusheng smirked coldly.

Hearing no response from Yan Rusheng from the other line, Muli sounded anxious. “Third Yan, what happened to Xuxu?”

She was anxious, and it had caused her to raise her voice. Yan Rusheng on the other hand had increased the volume of his receiver giving Xuxuwho was only a few steps awaya chance to hear their conversation clearly.

She wasted no time and shook her head at Yan Rusheng right away.

She didn’t want Aunt Mu Li, who was overseas, to worry about her.

They had already spared her from most worries, but when she found out about their arguments, she had been calling them every night.

Furthermore, she had already tendered her resignation over there and planned on coming back to the country.

It was all because of them!

Yan Rusheng replied calmly, “She’s alright. We just got home.”

Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief and gave him a look of appreciation.

But Yan Rusheng couldn’t be bothered as he had no intention to inform Mu Li right from the start.

He was her flesh and blood and he clearly knew that she would worry if she found out. So how could he bear to tell her the truth?

It’s only this dumb woman who didn’t trust him.

He lowered the volume of the receiver and Xuxu could no longer hear what Mu Li was rattling about over the phone.

She raised her feet and was about to head upstairs.

Yan Rusheng called her all of a sudden. “Wen Xuxu, come to the phone.”

Xuxu replied‘Oh’and retracted her footsteps. She reached for the phone and answered, “Mother”

Since young, she was used to calling her Aunt Mu Li. Now that she had to address her as ‘Mother’, she felt a little awkward.

Each time she had to call her ‘Mother’, she found it hard to say it out loud.

Madam Mu Li’s deep sighs could he heard over the phone. “Xuxu, can you reconcile with Third Yan? I know that he’s the one at fault and I’ve been calling him every night to reprimand him.”

Hearing this, Xuxu had the urge to tell her that the ball wasn’t in her court and it wasn’t up to her to decide on the reconciliation.

Then who has the authority to decide? It seemed that it wasn’t Yan Rusheng either.

That’s the reason why each time the word ‘reconciliation’ was mentioned to her, she had no idea where to begin.

She was really clueless where to start.

She pressed her lips together and remained silent.

Mu Li let out another sigh. “That boy always make me worry. I’ve decided to to purchase an air ticket for tomorrow’s flight. When I’m back home, I’ll teach him a good lesson and take him in hand.”

Xuxu got anxious. “No, Aunt Mother. We are getting along very well. You don’t have to come home.”

Because of them, she had already tendered her resignation to the university.

Being a teacher had always been her dream. If it wasn’t because grandmother gave up her retirement and Yan Rusheng took over the company at a young age, she wouldn’t be able to pursue her ambition.

She was already filled with guilt and if she continued to wear herself out because of them, Xuxu wouldn’t know how to face her.

Mu Li spoke in a serious and earnest tone. “Silly child. There’s nothing more important than you and Xiaosheng. Seeing the two of you in this current state, I can’t set my mind at ease too, so it’s better for me to come back and take a look at the both of you.”

Xuxu sounded anxious. “But I don’t want you to come back. You don’t have to worry about us.”

She didn’t want her beloved Aunt Mu Li to give up her passion because of her.

“We have always been like this.” She added. “Since young, we have always been bickering with each other and couldn’t see eye to eye.”

Refusing to hear what she was saying, Mu Li continued talking. “I will purchase an air ticket and fly back tomorrow. I’ll accompany the both of you for a few days and then return to school for a meeting the following week.”