Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 384

Chapter 384 This Matter Seemed Grave

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Had she ever considered herself to be the wife of Yan Rusheng?

When she took contraceptives, did it ever came to her mind that she was actually killing their child?

If she didn’t want kids now, she could have told him. He would be willing to wait. But why did she have to hide it from him?

It was because her heart doesn’t belong to him. So she couldn’t trust him with anything or at any time!

Xuxu went back to her room and fretted over the request that Mu Li had made, she had wanted to do a video call with both her and Yan Rusheng.

She deliberated for some time before making up her mind to send her a text. She told her that Yan Rusheng was still having supper and she was simply too tired to wait for him.

She didn’t wait for her reply and switched her phone to silent mode. She then threw her phone aside and covered herself with the blanket.

She slept soundly till morning. The thrilling adventures she had yesterday with Zhou Shuang drained her thoroughly exhausted.

Xuxu took a quick glance at the time and was shockedit was already past 9 a.m.

The only thing on her mind right now was that she was late for work.

She hasn’t been late in quite a long while.

She hastily washed up, skipped breakfast and bolted out of the house.

Actually, there really wasn’t a need for her to rush. Even if she didn’t go to work for a day, no one would dare make a fuss or dock her salary.

But then again, she believed in being disciplined and setting an example for all the employees.

So as long as there weren’t any special or urgent situations that cropped up, she would always reach work on time.

Since her car was still at the repair shop, she could only flag a cab. It was only after 10 in the morning that she reached the office.

The moment she entered the building, she could feel that something was amiss.

Everyone seemed to be extra careful and the atmosphere was tensed.

The ominous gut feeling she had intensified since the office seemed extremely quiet. Even the sound of keyboard typing seems muffled and careful.

“What happened?” she asked as she strode across the office.

Wang Xiaoyathe source of the latest gossips in the officescurried towards her. “Sister Xuxu, have you seen the news today?”

“Today’s news?”

Xuxu frowned and thought to herself. Was she on the news again? Was the paparazzi alerted to the speeding incident yesterday?

But Yan Rusheng already settled it yesterday, surely it couldn’t have leaked.

Or perhaps Yan Rusheng and Fang Jiayin had another scandal?

But somehow, her instincts told her that it seemed like a grave matter.

In the midst of her suspicions and guesses, she reached her desk.

Wang Xiaoya went back to her desk and passed her the newspapers. “Sister Xuxu, take a look at this. I wonder which immoral media outlet reported this.”

“What was the news exactly?”Xuxu received the newspapers and started reading.

The headlines wrote,‘Third Master Exchanged Wife for a Billion-Dollar Contract’

In utter shock, her eyes widened and a gasp escaped her mouth as she read the headlines. She immediately darted her eyes to the photo below.

It was a photo of her and Charles having dinner at the World Trade Center, and another with them caught entering the Beautiful Metropolis Hotel together.

Then she proceeded to read the contents of the article.

‘According to a reliable source, Third Young Master’s childhood sweetheart had offered herself to Charles, the youngest son of Princess Lu Fei of Country Y in exchange for a billion-dollar contract. Charles is also acting as the CEO regarding the contract that they’ve signed. Third Madam Yan was caught entering a hotel with Charles a month ago. And recently, they were caught having dinner at a specialty restaurant located in the World Trade Center. Their dinner lasted for nearly three hours.’