Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Ill Go This Time

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‘Other than that, rumors are rife that their marriage was being forced upon by the Yan family to fulfill the final wishes of Flourish & Prosper’s ex-chairman Wang Daqin. According to a reliable source, Wen Xuxu was fostered by the Yan family and brought up as their future daughter-in-law but apparently, Third Young Master’s heart wasn’t with her. With his old flame’s return, it seemed that their marriage is falling apart. There has been a conjecture that besides getting the contract for the company, the young madam had done this on purpose to seek revenge upon her husband for having a fling with his old flame.’

Xuxu finished reading the entire article and she was livid. Her fingers were clenched tightly together as a result. Her whole body trembled as she crushed the newspapers.

Her bright eyes looked like tiny consolidated fragments of icepiercingly cold and sinister.

Wang Xiaoya was alarmed by the look on Xuxu’s face and she shuddered uncontrollably.

This wasn’t just about her scandal with Charles. Someone was intentionally plotting to sow discord between her and Yan Rusheng. They wanted to bring down Flourish & Prosper and to tarnish Yan Rusheng’s reputation.

Fury blazed inside of her as she threw the crushed newspaper into the trash can.

She pulled her chair and sat down.

She switched on her computer and then said to her assistant sitting opposite to her, “Mi Ling, get me some water.”

“Yes, right away.” Her assistant stood up instantly and received the cup from her hands.

Xuxu leaned against her chair and held a pen in her hand. She was in deep thoughts, trying to guess who the culprit behind this article was.

It’s true that the media loves spinning stories. But they wouldn’t have dared to publish an article like this without taking ethics into consideration.

She thought to herself, if Yan Rusheng read this article, he would even be angrier than she was.

But will he believe her?

Yan Rusheng’s male secretary brought a document to Xuxu and said, “Sister Xuxu, the marketing department sent this document and they need President Yan’s signature.”

Xuxu’s thoughts were interrupted by his voice and she threw a fleeting glance at the document in his hand. She lifted her head and told him. “You can bring it in. There isn’t a need to report to me in the future regarding such matters. You’re his secretary so you should report to him directly.”

She wasn’t his secretary anymore. She had no official job title and that was the reason why she didn’t want her own office.

She just wanted to stay and share his workload with him.

There was nothing personal about this decision.

“Noted,” he answered and turned around to walk to Yan Rusheng’s office.

Xuxu changed her mind abruptly and called him back. “Wait, I’ll go this time.”

She rose from her seat and took the document from the secretary.

She walked to Yan Rusheng’s office and knocked on the door.

“Enter,” sounded a chilling voice from inside the room.

Xuxu held her breath and turned the doorknob, she could hear that he was talking on the phone.

When Yan Rusheng saw Xuxu, he then said to the person on the other line, “If there is nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

He ended the call and placed his phone on the desk. He glanced at her with a distant and rigid stare.

Xuxu walked to his desk and passed him the document. “The marketing department needs your signature for this document.”

“Did you meet Charles yesterday?” Yan Rusheng received the document and asked Xuxu as he flipped the pages.

His head was lowered and she could neither see his face nor his eyes. She had no idea what was on his mind right now.

He was calm, collected and sounded aloof. There wasn’t any trace of emotion in his tone.

At this moment, Xuxu became apprehensive and fearful. She knew him too well to know that this matter had indeed crossed his boundaries.