Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Surrounded By Reporters

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She had no idea how he would react. But she believed that he could definitely tell that this news article wasn’t purely just a scandal.

But she wasn’t entirely certain that he would believe her.

She fell silent for some time before nodding her head. “Mm.”

Yan Rusheng’s hand, which was holding the pen, paused for a fraction of a second before signing the document swiftly. He passed the document back to Xuxu. “You may go.”

He didn’t even look at her.

He was mad at her!

He didn’t believe her?

Xuxu received the document and left, feeling disappointed.

For she had initially come in to sound him out regarding the article and to check if he believed her.

The entire building seemed to be overcast with ominous gloomy clouds, and the atmosphere seemed strained and tense everywhere.

Everyone in the company seemed to have left work on time today.

Xuxu didn’t have the mood to stay back after work hours and like everyone else, she packed her belongings and left on time.

It was sunny and cloudless during the morning but the weather changed without any warning in the afternoon. Just like how Flourish & Prosper was today.

She was wearing a dark red down jacket with a hood. After she got to the entrance, she put on the hood over her head.

A blast of wind brushed past her when she exited the building. It made her flinch and cross her arms tightly.

She descended the steps and walked towards the road, planning to flag a taxi.

Suddenly, several reporters jumped out from behind the shrubs and bushes, and a few more from behind the pillars.

They converged towards her and stood in front of her to block her way. Everyone was holding a recorder as they mercilessly fired questions at her.

“Third Madam Yan, do you have anything to clarify regarding the online and newspapers articles of you and Mr. Charles this morning?”

“Can you update us on what you and Third Master have in mind regarding your future plans?”

“A source has stated that you started an intimate relationship with Mr. Charles because you were jealous of Third Master and his old flame. Is that true?”

“Third Madam Yan, can you please elaborate more?”

Several cars were parked at the lot outside the entrance and more reporters came tumbling out. Xuxu was caught off guard and soon, she was surrounded by them.

As the reporters bombarded her with harsh and cutting questions, she couldn’t face them calmly no matter how mentally strong she was.

She furrowed her eyebrows in anger as she stared at them. She didn’t answer any of the questions.

“Third Madam Yan, don’t you have anything to clarify? We’ve been waiting for hours and we didn’t see Third Master coming out. Is your marriage with him as bad as what the rumors had described? Is your marriage on the verge of breaking apart?”

“Yes, yes, Third Madam Yan, please tell us more.”

They relentlessly pushed their recorders towards her mouth as dozens of eyes gawked at her.

Xuxu felt that her brain seemed to be exploding as she surveyed them in circles.

Flourish & Prosper’s security guards were already trying their best to evacuate the reporters.

But the reporters were relentless and determined. They refused to budge and continued to stick closely to Xuxu.

Xuxu scanned her surroundings once more and she accidentally caught sight of the building’s revolving doors. Her heart tugged painfully as she froze.

A tall figure stood there silently watching and observing everything through the glass.

She smirked coldly to herself and retracted her gaze from him instantly.

“Leave me alone.” Xuxu stared coldly at the reporters in front of her.

Her words were like numerous sharp swordscold and piercing. The reporters felt a sense of foreboding.