Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Missed A Chance To Save The Damsel In Distress

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But they still didn’t bear to leave.

“Third Madam Yan, please say something.”

“Get lost.” Xuxu stared fiercely at the reporter who had just opened his mouth. She said rather threateningly, “I’m not a celebrity who needs to maintain their image or reputation. If you continue to block my way, don’t blame me for being nasty.”

She stretched both of her hands and pulled apart two persons in front of her. She paved a way for herself in the midst of a crowd of reporters and charged forward.

Her warning left the reporters hesitant and no one dared to block her way anymore.

She wasn’t a celebrity so she didn’t need to take care of her image, neither did she need fans to protect her. Even if she called the security guards to beat them up, no one would be able to accuse her of being snobbish, neither was she afraid of losing fans.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes were fixed on a tiny figure that seemed to exude determination and tenacity.

If she had gazed at him for a second time, he would have gone out to save her.

But she didn’t.

And she seemed undaunted by them.


Xuxu finished dinner and went to the living room instead of her room. She held a bowl of fruit and sat on the sofa as she watched TV.

Today she came home early and it wasn’t time for her drama yet.

She watched the news for a while before deciding that it was too boring. She switched channels randomly from advertisements to cartoons and back to the news again.

“Recently, Flourish & Prosper’s President, Young Master Yan was caught in countless scandals. Everything seemed to resemble the storyline of an idol drama. He was caught in yet another predicament before the previous scandal had passed. Today, it was revealed that Third Madam Yan was photographed entering a hotel with Charles. He is the youngest son of Country Y’s Princess Lu Fei. They were behaving intimately in public. At the same time, news of the Third Young Master’s old flame was brought to light again. And this person was none other than Fang Jiayin who was in a car accident outside the Capital City Musical Theater recently. And Third Young Master was seen defending her at the scene. Early this morning, several reporters were seen waiting outside her apartment.”

The screen switched to a scene whereby Fang Jiayin had just come out of her apartment and was surrounded by reporters.

She was wearing a white coat and her long straight hair tumbled loosely.

Her beautiful face registered shock and surprise when she saw cameras and recorders being shoved to her face. The reporters swarmed towards her as she tried to retreat.

She was wearing heels and she almost stumbled as a result.

Apparently, she didn’t expect this situation to happen at all.

“Miss Fang, do you have anything to comment regarding Mr. Charles and Third Madam Yan?”

“You’re labeled as a mistress, do you feel aggrieved?”

“Miss Fang, since you have returned for good, do you intend to reconcile with Third Young Master?”

There was a long pause

Without ceasing, the reporters attacked her with questions, just like the situation that Xuxu had encountered earlier that evening.

Fang Jiayin retreated all the way back to her apartment entrance.

The panic and shock didn’t fade from her face as the camera flashes continued to flicker on and off. She seemed so lost and fragile and in need of protection.

Xuxu leaned on the sofa and stared at the screen. She had a rather bitter smile on her face.

“Yan Rusheng, you’ve missed a chance to save the damsel in distress.”

“Everything is untrue. Why should I care at all.”

Fang Jiayin finally broke her silence. Even though she sounded annoyed, her voice was still soft and she didn’t sound fierce at all.

She stretched her hands to push the reporters away. “Please go away.”

She didn’t manage to do so, and so she decided to push her way forward. She bent her head and her hair covered her face.

Even Xuxu couldn’t bear to see her in such a sorry state.

“Seems like their marriage is falling apart. What are your views?”

The reporters didn’t give up.