Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 388

Chapter 388 They Could Only Go Through Them

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Finally, Fang Jiayin ran out of patience and lifted her head to glare at the reporters. She said sharply, “No one here is qualified to judge or comment about their marriage. Even if this is part of your job, please speak appropriately and take note of your accusations.”

She took out her phone from her bag and raised her voice. “If you don’t leave me alone, I’m calling the police.”

They heard her threat and finally, the reporters gave up and let her leave.

Then the TV screen returned to the studio once more. Xuxu turned away from the screen and then proceeded to pick up another slice of fruit.

Suddenly, she felt a cold and ominous aura from her back. She turned around feeling uneasy.

A towering figure stood silently behind her. Her heart gave an involuntary jerk and suddenly a pang of guilt struck her.

But she was just watching the entertainment news, so there was nothing she should feel guilty about

Yan Rusheng tilted his head downwards and stared at her with an aloof expression.

He watched her intently without a sound and a plethora of emotions could be seen in his eyes.

Xuxu was no longer interested in watching the drama, so she put the remote control down. She held the fruit bowl in her hands and stood up.

Yan Rusheng broke the silence and said, “My mom just made a video call and she is looking for you.”

Xuxu asked, “Where?”

Yan Rusheng replied lightly, “In the study.”

“Okay.” Xuxu nodded and walked in the direction of the staircase.

Aunt Mu Li must have seen the news and she was sure that she would believe her.

But the news may have made Aunt Mu Li worried.

She reached the second floor and the door of the study was ajar. Xuxu entered and walked towards his desk.

Yan Rusheng’s laptop was switched on and she glanced at the screen. A beautiful face appeared on the screen.

She gave her a dazzling smile and waved happily at the screen. “Aunt Mu Li.”

Mu Li heard how Xuxu addressed her and she lifted her brow, looking unhappy. “Huh?”

Xuxu instantly corrected her mistake. “Mother.”

She still wasn’t used to addressing her as Mother and often forget.

“Where is Yan Rusheng?” Mu Li was scanning the entire room to look for her son.

“Hmmm” Xuxu was about to reply that he was downstairs when Yan Rusheng appeared at the door.

He entered the room and closed the door after him.

She turned her head back to the screen and said, “He is here.”

“I saw the news today. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” Mu Li sighed heavily and continued, “Zhang Kailong just called your dad. You should be aware that both of you are representing Flourish & Prosper. Get along well and live in harmony and don’t give others a chance to pressure or attack us.”

Xuxu was startled and alarmed when she heard that the Board of Directors had contacted his parents.

But she knew that since they didn’t dare to approach Yan Rusheng, they could only go through them.

This matter had concerned the reputation of Flourish & Prosper and the impact was significant. The Board of Directors would definitely not idle and do nothing to salvage the situation.

Mu Li spoke again. “From tonight onwards, both of you are not allowed to sleep separately. Do you understand?”

The moment Xuxu heard her, she turned to look at Yan Rusheng instinctively.

Yan Rusheng remained impassive and the expression in his deep eyes was unfathomable.

Hmph.She only thought of him when she couldn’t handle his mom. Only then would she willingly push the decision-making to him.

To his surprise, Mu Li turned to look at him as well. “Yan Rusheng.”

He heard his mother’s summon and Yan Rusheng immediately bent his back so that his face could appear on the screen. He said with a stoic expression, “What?”

Mu Li frowned with displease. She chided him, “What’s with your expression? Did you forget what I’ve told you earlier on?”